Classic Solutions: Party Rentals to Keep Guests Safe at Your Atlanta Event

The safety of your guest is a top priority at any event, both in terms of health and security. When planning an event in Atlanta or the surrounding area, consider the following measures to keep guests safe. Our inventory includes all the items you need to create an event environment that is safe, clean, and comfortable.

Hand Sanitizers

Sinks and/or hand sanitizing stations are a necessity, especially when bathrooms are on-site or food/beverages are being served. You will need several depending on the size of your event, all of which should be strategically placed. Place one at high traffic areas, such as entrances and exits, and prior to reaching food and beverage areas. This will help maintain cleanliness throughout all areas of the event space, and make your guests feel more comfortable.

Crowd Control

We have a solution for all your crowd control needs. Whether you need to create a queue, fence off a stage, or border your event space to limit access. Our inventory includes fencing, traffic cones, and roping, suitable for every type and style of event. Proper crowd control ensures an overall safer event, by restricting guest movement and assisting with organization.

event crowd control to keep guests safe

Fire Extinguishers

Fires are a serious risk, even more so at large-scale events. It would be a mistake not to have such safety measures on hand, especially in the scenario that food will be prepared on-site. As well as at events where pyro, cryo, or with any other displays that involve tanks of gas. We store and maintain various size fire extinguishers in our warehouse, for any and all event types.

Exit Signs

In the event of an emergency, whether it be a fire, power outage, or other scenario, exits should be clearly marked. Depending on the size of your event, additional signage with directions to the exits may be necessary. We offer both Lighted & Printed Exit Signs to direct and help keep guests safe. And recommend that you create a pre-planned exit strategy & emergency plan.

event bar area

At Classic Tents & Events your priorities are our priorities, including guest safety. If you need assistance determining which safety measures align with your event, please contact our team.