Construction Tenting | Unique Ways to Use a Tent on your Job Site

Construction tenting remain the most effective way to create a functional yet flexible space on a job site. Regardless of the project underway, Classic Tents & Events can help you create a space tailored to your needs. Whether that entails protecting a site or your assets from the elements or creating a space for crew members to eat meals and take a break. Keep reading to learn about the unique ways to use a tent on your job site and how we can bring your vision to life with our versatile tents and accessories.

Work in any Weather

Construction site tents first and foremost provide protection from the elements that would otherwise put a halt to your work. Structure or clearspan tents are the most popular choice as they are strong and resilient with hard sides. Making them ideal in the event of high wind speeds and extreme weather. They can be built in a variety of sizes, too – making them great for short and long-term rentals! Our team can also attach covered walkways and install durable flooring to keep your crew, as well as the surrounding land, safe. With a tent to keep your site, equipment, and crew safe and dry, you can rest easy.

Have large equipment? Ask bout our extra large tents that not only protect your site but offer plenty of clearance for vehicles and equipment required to get the job done.

Pouring Concrete

A variety of jobs may require pouring content – pool installations, home renovations, build-outs, and expansions. And anyone who has worked with concrete knows that it is a time-sensitive project that can be easily upset by extra water; such as rain. A temporary tent equipped with siding and gutters will effectively divert water, allowing you to stick to a schedule. It will also protect your crew and equipment during the pouring process. And, finally, allow the concrete to be fully set prior to exposure. Should you rent a tent to pour concrete be sure to ask about accessories that will keep your crew comfortable and safe, such as adequate lighting.

tent for pouring concrete

Staff Break Areas

Maybe your job site is off the beaten path or the task at hand requires long hours. Regardless, your crew needs space away from the main workspace to take a break, get reenergized, and enjoy a hot meal. Our tents, big and small, can be outfitted with stable flooring, tables, and chairs to create a more comfortable environment. In addition to safety and disposal measures, like fire extinguishers and trash cans. We can also install climate control, whether you need heating or air conditioning, so that your employees can enjoy the space year-round.

Flexible Storage Space

Many construction sites require space for the storage of tools, equipment, and materials. Unfortunately, the chances of finding a warehouse available next door to your worksite are almost impossible. Meanwhile, construction tenting can be set up anywhere, as large and with as much clearance as needed. Classic stocks a variety of tent options, with and without center poles, and are glad to create a custom layout that fits within your designated work space. We can also install climate control to protect temperature-sensitive materials.

temporary tenting for storage

Need help choosing construction tenting and accessories to keep your project on track? We’re ready to help! Get in touch with a member of our team to secure the rentals for your job site. Just don’t forget to ask about our short and long-term leasing options!