More than Tents: Chandeliers and Lighting for Rent

What’s a beautiful event tent if your guests can’t see it? In addition to sparkling clean tents of every shape and size, Classic offers a variety of lighting solutions. With lighting options for every type of event, it’s a must-have to create a safe and memorable environment. Take a look at our lighting for rent, including chandeliers, string lights, and more!

Chandeliers for Rent

For weddings and galas, and a range of other formal events, chandeliers are a popular choice. A classic design, these pieces look especially beautiful at the peak of our frame and structure tents. Consider our Polished Crystal Chrome Chandeliers for a timeless white event. Or opt for a Western Bronze Livery Chandelier, more suitable for tents situated on the lawn of historic venues.


String Lights for Rent

Easily the most popular form of event lighting, string lights are simple but effective at lighting up even the largest tents. These look gorgeous across any style of tent, but especially those that feature a dramatic canopy. Try our Large Globe Lights for a more modern and chic event type. Or stick classic string lights, which will lend an elegant look to any event, from weddings to birthdays and beyond.

outdoor heated tent, string lights

Uplighting for Rent

Individual lights placed at the foundation of a tent, uplighting is an effective way to lend a dramatic look to your event. It is especially popular for large corporate events, as well as grand openings. This can be achieved with several of our lighting options, including our Freedom Flex Color Changing Light and our Slimpar Pro RGBA LED Lights. These can also include gobos, creating patterns of light across the tent ceiling for a dramatic effect!

custom tent lighting

Inflatable Lights for Rent

When you want to create a fun and youthful environment at your event, there’s no beating our Lilia Inflatable Lights. These memorable star-shaped lights are a huge hit at themed events, especially children’s birthday parties and Bat Mitzvahs. Use them standalone for smaller tents, or pair them with string lights for larger tents.

Need rentals for you upcoming event in Georgia? Our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the best tents and lighting for rent. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or for some event inspiration, check out the details from this luxe tented wedding!