heat your tent in the winter

More than Tents: Holiday Party Rentals

Planning to host a holiday party? Whether you are bringing together family, friends, or coworkers, Classic is committed to helping you host a memorable seasonal gathering. In addition to our sparkling tents, we also supply holiday party rentals that will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind get-together. Keep reading to learn how Classic Tents & Events can help you host a stylish personal or corporate celebration in Georgia.

Winterize Your Party Tent

In Atlanta, we experience an average temperature between 50 and 60 degrees during the winter – but that’s no reason to put a halt to your holiday gatherings! At Classic our goal is to help you host a memorable seasonal gathering, starting with a cozy environment. Our heated tents are complete with insulation and climate control equipment, to create a comfortable gathering place for your friends and family to enjoy dinner and drinks. We carry a variety of options for every type of event, including fuel-efficient commercial-grade units and standalone heaters. You can also rest assured that our heating units are not only effective but safe, installed by our professional and experienced crew.  For more details, check out our Climate-Controlled Tent Rentals blog!

heated event tent

Ambient Lighting

An essential for a stylish winter party is ambient lighting. Our inventory includes a variety of lighting rentals that will light up the night and cast a cozy glow on your guests. String lights are the most popular choice! They look gorgeous across any style of tent, but especially those that feature a dramatic canopy. Alternatively, chandeliers will lend a more sophisticated style and are perfect for frame and structure tents. We even have uplighting, which you will want if you plan to have a dance floor or would like to highlight designated areas, such as a cocktail bar or lounge.

holiday party lighting rentals

Trendy Decorations

No holiday party is complete without beautiful decorations! In celebration of the season, you will want to create a cozy winter-inspired event space. Start with pipe and drape, to line boring walls and create a timeless look. Or, feature clear siding to allow guests a view of the winter wonderland, without compromising their comfort. To complete the space, be sure to check out our flooring options, including luxe carpet. You can even create a photo-worthy backdrop for guests to enjoy, complete with your business logo, using our beautiful Boxwood Walls. An artificial living wall, they make for a dense, lush, and natural backdrop.

Ready to book holiday party rentals for your personal or corporate event? Our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the best tent, lighting, and decor. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started.