More than Tents: How Event Flooring Will Benefit Your Tent Set-Up

The foundation for a successful outdoor event is a tent, but second to the tent is flooring! Although it is completely possible to have a tent, and an enjoyable event, without flooring, there are a handful of reasons we suggest making the investment. From lending to a more immersive design to creating a safer space for guests! Keep reading to learn how event flooring will benefit your tent set-up.

Level Flooring Systems

Let’s start with the basics! First and foremost, flooring is one of the best ways to add an extra level of safety to your outdoor event. Unfortunately when it comes to hosting outside, you can’t always bet on having access to level ground. For which reason, Classic is proud to offer level flooring systems! Using elevated platforms, our team is able to create a completely customized and level surface on which to install a tent, no matter how uneven the ground below.

Alternatively, Deck Flooring, a durable base flooring, can be used on level but less than ideal surfaces. Such as rough lawns or concrete parking lots covered in large cracks. It is ideal for high traffic areas, as well as creating roads and walkways. It is especially useful on rainy event days, when high traffic and rain can cause serious damage to a lawn. Once installed, you can place a variety of other flooring on top of this flooring system, for a more aesthetic design. Similarly, Dura-Trac is a modular, plastic flooring system designed specifically for easy installation at events. It can be used at any type of event for any type of traffic, including vehicles, to create a smooth flooring surface under your tent.

dura trac flooring

The Benefits of Event Flooring

In addition to creating a safer environment for guests, flooring will benefit your tent set-up as it also serves to uplevel your event. After all, flooring doesn’t have to boring! We stock a range of different materials in different colors that cater to a wide variety of needs and styles. From a beautiful Blue Designer Carpet to White Dance Floor Panels. As well as more neutral options, such as a Grey Riviera Turf Carpet and our elegant Parquet Dance Floor Panels! It can also be used to create designated spaces. Different types of flooring are a helpful indicator that guests have entered a different area of an event, such as a cocktail lounge versus a dining area or a dance floor.

Need assistance deciding which of our event flooring will benefit your tent set-up? Reach out for help or to request a quote! And don’t forget to view our website catalog to see our full inventory of rentals! For more insight into our flooring options, check out our previous blog on Flooring for Your Atlanta Tent!