Tent Rental 101: Long-Term Temporary Tents

Classic Tents & Events partners with businesses big and small, providing tents and equipment for long-term rental needs! Whether you want a space for weeks or months, our rentals are useful for everything from medical structures to temporary warehousing, movie sets, and pop-up shops. Keep reading to learn about our long-term temporary tents, available and ready to rent!

Types of Temporary Tents

Let’s start by covering the different types of temporary tents. A variety of businesses use temporary tents to meet a wide range of needs. This can include covering rain-soaked job sites or creating lunch areas & breakrooms. For storage during a renovation or construction emergency (like a busted water pipe). They are especially popular during peak sale seasons, for everything from garden centers to car dealerships. Retail businesses with limited space, such as a furniture store, will use a long-term temporary tent to expand a sales floor. In addition to large structures, temporary walkways can also be constructed to shield staff and customers during rainy seasons or extended heat waves.


In addition to our beautiful and sparkling clean tents, the Classic team is well versed in the permits needed for long-term temporary tents! An inspection and permits are often required for the erection of a long-term structure and can vary by location. Other accessories in regards to guest safety, including exit signs, fire extinguishers, and so on are also key to have on-site. As a one-stop-shop for rentals, we will ensure that you have everything you need to get your set up and approved in a timely manner.

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Time to Set Up

In the event that you do encounter delays due to permitting, rest assured that Classic has your back. Our team and field crew is prepared to help get your tent and rentals set up and ready to go. We maintain a customer-service and solution-oriented approach to business, which includes the ability to adjust on the fly as we respond to postponements, changing restrictions, and needs.

Flooring & Staging

Depending on the terrain where your tent sits atop, you may be in need of flooring. Dura-Trac Flooring is a modular, plastic flooring system designed specifically for easy installation on a variety of ground types. Use this for any type of event for any type of traffic, including vehicles, to create a smooth and safe surface. In addition to flooring, we also carry staging, including ramps and stairs with handrails. Note, however, that staging may require separate permitting!

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Ready to invest in long-term temporary tents for your business or event? Get in touch and let’s start planning!