Atlanta Tent Rentals: Create Safe & Social Distance Break Rooms

Even with the vaccine in sight, it’s important for all of us to stay diligent and safe until later this year! You want to keep your staff safe and need a temporary solution that will expand your warehouse or building. Learn how you can create social distance break rooms or exterior check-in stations for your business, with help from your partners at Classic Tents & Events.

Climate Control for Break Rooms

A break room should not only be safe, but comfortable. It is a break room after all! We can create a weather-proof check-in space adjacent to your business, with all of the fixings. Including lights, power and climate control, such as heaters and/or fans. We are proud to be a one-stop shop!

Trash Cans & Sanitation Stations

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance currently! Our sanitization stations can be placed at high contact areas, such as entryways, exits and restrooms, to make your employees feel much safer, (especially if your break room will be used for dining). We also recommend extra trashcans, which will encourage everyone to do their part to keep the space clean.

Flooring for Break Rooms

The flooring in social distance break rooms is especially important. In most cases, your break room will be outside, whether it be a concrete parking lot or a nearby lawn. For this reason, the flooring needs to be level and non-slip for safety. In some instances, you might even prefer carpet, to create a more comfortable feel where your staff can kick their feet up and relax.

EZ Pop-Up Tents

At Classic, we can create fully custom layouts for both small and large spaces, with a tent that best suits your needs. Sometimes you need a little extra room or checkpoint outside your main tent. This is easy with our EZ Pop-Up tents! Plus, we are glad to have your custom space installed and ready for action within 24-48 hours – no matter the size – offering short and long-term leasing. 

Tables & Chairs

For most employees taking a break is mostly about getting off your feet. Often to eat lunch, or even just to meditate and refocus on the job at hand. With tables and chairs, your staff will be able to get the rest they deserve. Our inventory includes tables and chairs to suit all of your needs, from setting up a dining area to creating a temporary food/drink station.

outdoor break room

Need social distance break rooms for your business? Get in touch with our team for a custom layout and pricing today! And don’t forget, should you need additional retail space, to check out our blog on Retail Tenting.