Atlanta Tent Rentals: Outdoor Tents to Expand Your Restaurant

With spring and summer approaching, it’s time to prep your restaurant for larger crowds! Beautiful weather will draw more people outside and leave them hankering for your delicious food. To help our local businesses meet the needs of hungry Atlantians, and adhere to social distancing guidelines, Classic Tents & Events offers outdoor tents to expand your restaurant. Learn about our in-stock rentals to expand your outdoor patio or create a dining area in your parking lot!


For restaurants with already limited space or seating, an outdoor tent is a stylish way to expand your space. Classic offers a variety of different style tents in various sizes to meet your unique needs. We are glad to work alongside you to create a tailored solution, whether you are in need of a long or short-term rental. And to create a more enjoyable environment for your guests, we also offer siding and other tent accessories. Including a covered walkway and temperature control. So rain or shine, your guests will be able to enjoy their meal in comfort!

Tables & Chairs

Unless you expect to have the same crowds year-round, investing in and storing extra furniture may not align with your business goals. For which reason Classic is glad to supply local restaurants with extra tables and chairs during busier months. For dining, we offer a range of tables, including round, rectangular, and square. As for chairs, our selection features both formal and casual styles, depending on your restaurant and the environment you aim to create. For restaurants that would also like to extend their bar area, we also stock cocktail tables and barstools.

Crowd Control

Especially useful for small businesses or downtown restaurants with limited capacity, crowd control will assist you with creating and maintaining orderly lines. Whether they be for ordering or pick-up. We offer fences, barricades, and stanchions, depending on the size of crowds you expect and the style of your restaurant. Crowd control will not only remind guests to practice social distancing but will allow you to serve guests faster and lend the impression that you are taking customer service seriously.


Valet service is a great way to wow guests upon arrival to your restaurant – especially for those who have limited or distant parking. Our EZ-UP tents are ideal for this type of service, clearly marking a valet area for guests and providing comfort for the attendee while they wait for their car. They are available in both black and white to complement your restaurant and in two sizes, 10×10 and 10×20.

outdoor tent to expand restaurant seating area

Ready to book one of our outdoor tents to expand your restaurant? Our team would be glad to assist you in securing the best tent for your needs. Get in touch with our team today to start planning!