Classic Solutions: Backyard Tents for Graduation Parties

Following years of hard work pursuing an education, it’s important to celebrate a person’s graduation! Whether it be from elementary school, high school, college, or a master’s program. And what better time of year to host than spring, the season of new beginnings! To help you host a memorable get-together, take a look at our backyard tents & packages for graduation parties. Plus, we’re sharing just a few different ways you can customize your event space, from dance floor rentals to tent lighting.

Tenting for Backyard Graduation Parties

At Classic Tents & Events we offer a range of backyard tents for graduation parties that will allow you to make the most of the beautiful outdoors. One popular option is our pole tents, perfect for hosting a stylish celebration. For smaller gatherings, our single pole tents make for a uniquely shaped event space. Whereas a twin peak pole tent will offer a more traditional yet equally elegant look. If your goal is simple and casual, a frame tent will get the job done! This style offers plenty of space, and there are no center poles to maneuver around.

Graduations typically take place in late May or early June, meaning weather can range from cool and wet to on the warmer side. But if rain is in the forecast, fret not! We can easily add siding and gutters to your event tent. Of course, if you opt for one of our gorgeous Cleartop Tents, you’ll be able to enjoy a view of the outdoors regardless. If you worry about the impact of heavy traffic on a rain-soaked lawn, you might also consider flooring. Our team will match you with the right solution to create level ground and keep guests safe.

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Stylish Graduation Rentals

In addition to renting a tent, you’ll want to customize your outdoor event space. For starters, tables and chairs are essential if you plan on serving up drinks or dinner. In which case you will also need linens – consider choosing tablecloths that showcase the colors of your alma mater! For entertainment, pipe and drape can be used to create a photo-worthy backdrop. This is a great way to welcome guests to your outdoor event, as are our Artifical Boxwood Hedges. To greet the guest of honor, you might even roll out the red carpet.

If you’ve invested in entertainment, whether it be a live band or a DJ, you’ll also need a dance floor. Feature our Parquet Flooring for a more upscale celebration, or opt for our White Flooring to impress the younger generation! Finally, should your event run late into the evening, you will also need lighting. We stock a range of stylish options, including classic bistro lights and elegant chandeliers. As always, our talented team would be happy to help you select rentals that would best complement your chosen tent.

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Backyard Tent Packages

Planning a backyard graduation party? Look no further than our convenient backyard tent packages! Whether you’re celebrating with a small group of 24 or hosting a larger gathering of up to 48 guests, we have you covered. Our three turnkey packages include everything you need for a memorable outdoor event, from the main attraction – a spacious tent – to essential furnishings like tables and chairs. With added touches like ambient lighting, our packages ensure your celebration is both effortless and unforgettable. Get in touch with our team today for help selecting the best of our backyard tents for graduation parties! Plus, be sure to check out our selection of lawn party games for rent.