Classic Solutions: Flooring for Your Atlanta Tent

A successful event starts with strong foundations! At most any event, flooring is a must, for the safety and comfort of your guests. However it can also lend to a more stylish overall event design, and be used to define different parts of your event space. Keep reading to learn about Classic Tents & Events in-stock flooring options, and how to choose the best flooring for your Atlanta tent.

Dura-Trac Flooring

Let’s start with the obvious question, “What is Dura-Trac Flooring?”. It is a modular, plastic flooring system designed specifically for easy installation at events. It can be used at any type of event for any type of traffic, including vehicles, to create a smooth flooring surface under your tent. Once installed it can be personalized with endless carpet or vinyl covers for a more visually appealing look!

Deck Flooring

Like Dura-Trac, not everyone is familiar with Deck Flooring (but you should be!). Deck Flooring is a subfloor or base floor for a tent rental. It is made with a strong and durable material, which makes it ideal for creating roads and walkways. It an ideal option for outdoor film production locations and festivals or fairs, where there will be high traffic and the ground may impose a safety risk. As with Dura-Trac, Deck Flooring can also be personalized with carpet or vinyl.

Dance Flooring

At social events, a dance floor is a must! Whether it be at a wedding, corporate event or backyard gathering, you want to encourage people to get up, move and have a good time. At Classic, we offer 3 styles of dance floors for different types and styles of events. First up is our Parquet Dance Floors, which lend a classic upscale look. Then there is our White Dance Floor for a modern or glam vibe, like a luxe wedding. Last but not least is our fun Hologram Dance Floor, a must-have for any casual but trendy event.

Of course you can’t forget accessories, like cable covers or black slip mats for safety. We even have a red carpet (and several other color options) for a Hollywood inspired event entrance!

Need assistance selecting the right flooring for your Atlanta tent event? Reach out for help or to request a quote! And don’t forget to view our website catalog to see our full inventory of rentals!