Classic Solutions: Fun Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Tent

When hosting a tented wedding reception, you want to create a space that reflects your personality’s as a couple. From the style of wedding tent to the flooring you choose, each and every detail will lend to the overall vibe of your day. To inspire you, here are just a few fun ways that you can personalize your wedding tent for a day that is uniquely you. Plus, check out some of our in-stock rentals available for use at your Atlanta wedding!

Style of Tent

Our goal at Classic is to ensure that your wedding is a success, and that starts with choosing the right tent. What is right for you will depend on the location & ground surface, as well as your party size. Pole tents tend to be more popular for weddings, as they come in larger sizes, tend to have a more elegant design, and feature a center pole that can be decorated. Frame tents (as shown below) can be a better choice for longer set-ups or when you need to maximize the space underneath. For more help choosing the best style of tent for your Atlanta event, check out our recent blog discussing the difference between pole and frame tents. No matter where you need a tent, our team will work to find the best solution and tent!

clear wedding tent

Doors & Siding

In addition to the tent, there are numerous tent accessories that you can rent. And while functional, especially in the event of inclement weather, they are also stylish. Take for example siding and doors. Siding with windows will allow your guests to enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding area while being protected from the weather. A great choice for weddings with a countryside view! And rather than plain or solid doors, feature these classically elegant Double Entry French Doors to maintain a formal look.


If your wedding reception will feature music then a dance floor is a must! A space designated for dancing will encourage guests to get up on their feet and let loose. However, different types of flooring will give off a different vibe. For example, a Parquet Dance Floor is better for a relaxed or rustic vibe, whereas a White Dance Floor is preferable for more chic events. Our Dura Trac flooring is a great way to create a stable surface for tables and chairs and then customization is endless with unique patterns & colored carpets available as an overlay. There’s even is our red carpet, perfect for a grand entrance reminiscent of Hollywood!


One of the most underrated ways to personalize a wedding tent is with lighting! There are string or globe lights that create a romantic and ambient glow. Then there are beautiful bronze and crystal chandeliers, a must-have for the glam bride. Whatever type of vibe you want to create beneath a tent, we have the lighting options to make it happen!

chandelier lighting

A quick reminder that even with these fun details, you will want to budget for the basics like climate control and power. Without them, your guests won’t be as comfortable, and you won’t able to decorate to your heart’s content. So be sure to take care of these essentials first!

Ready to start planning your Atlanta wedding? Take a look at our full inventory of tents and rentals online, or get in touch with our team today for more ideas on how to personalize your wedding tent.