Filming on Location in Georgia: Tents & Rentals for Remote Locations

Film production in Georgia is a booming business, and an industry that Classic Tents & Events is proud to be a part of. We offer a range of tents and rentals for remote locations, suitable for everything from catering, to wardrobe changes, and more. Today we’re sharing our tenting and rental options that cater to any location and scope of production!

Catering Services

Producing a film takes large numbers of skilled people. And to keep them on their feet and at their best they need fuel, or more specifically, food. Classic offers expansive tents to house and dish up food for large numbers of people, in addition to tables and chairs. Need catering equipment to keep food at your remote filming location hot or cold? Be sure to check out our sister business – Coastal Restaurant Equipment Rentals.

Wardrobe & Make-up Tents

During filming, there will be a lot of wardrobe changes. Our team can design and install a tent specifically for wardrobe changes and make-up application. Starting with one of our large tents, pipe and drape can be used to create individual changing booths. Perfect for quick changes on set, as well as storing an individual actor’s wardrobe. We also offer whole make-up kits, complete with mirrors and lighting, and director chairs that will seat your cast members at a convenient height for hair and make-up artists.

wardrobe tent


If you’re filming at a remote location then you’ll need power – for everything from lighting, to catering, and more! Classic offers 7 kW generators, perfect for using a wide variety of equipment, regardless of your location. In the event that you are not at a remote location, a generator is also a great backup plan in the event of an outage. We also stock extension cords in various lengths, as well as power strips making Classic a one-stop-shop.


Need a space for filming? Aside from housing your staff and actors, our tents & rentals for remote locations are also useful for creating temporary or long-term staging areas. To create a comfortable area for crew year-round, you will also want to consider climate control. We offer air conditioners and fans, in addition to insulated tents and heaters. Because regardless of the weather, the show must go on!

staging tent


Depending on your location, you may need to install temporary locations. Especially when filming on leased property, and if there is a risk of damaging the ground or grass. Classic offers heavy-duty Dura-Trac flooring that is suitable for driving on, and which we can also cover – should you need to keep vehicles out of the rain or hold in storage.

Need tents & rentals for filming at remote locations? Our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the best tent and accessories. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or read our previous blog on Rentals for Georgia Movie & Film Sets.