Georgia Party Rentals: Renting Staging for Events

Event staging is an often overlooked detail that can make your event. This essential detail plays an important role – elevating your special guests! This is why Classic Tents & Events is renting staging for events, to ensure they can be seen and/or heard! Today we’re highlighting all of our must-have staging rentals for a variety of events, including formal fundraisers, conferences, outdoor concerts, and more.


Let’s start by addressing why you may need staging. First, it simply provides more room. While you can block off room on the floor level, it is hard to do and may require barricades or security. Staging elevates an area, limiting who can access it and ensuring that those who are on it are front and center. And with stage skirts, they will look beautiful! Overall, it will lend to a better layout, creating an overall organized and functional event design.

event staging

Steps & Rails

To access staging you’ll need stairs, and we also recommend railing – for the safety of all guests, speakers, or performers. Depending on your guests, you may also need a ramp, to allow access to those who are handicapped. Worried about unlevel ground? Don’t be! In addition to providing these different components of a stage, we can safely install our systems on a variety of terrains, including beneath one of our beautiful tents.

Audio Equipment

If your event will include live entertainment or have speakers, you’ll need audio equipment! We stock a selection of audio rentals, such as speakers, mics, and cables to ensure that they can be heard throughout your event space. To keep both your and our audio equipment safe, we also recommend the use of cable ramps. They are useful for running wires between different areas or tents at your event, as well as to prevent an injury from tripping.

outdoor audio equipment


In addition to audio equipment, hosting a speaker also requires a lectern. This will help ensure that they stand out onstage, as well as provide some storage room. Whether for speeches to rest, in the event of a slip, or to hide their water. However, it also lends a more organized and modern appearance to your event. Microphones can be affixed to a lecture, which will lend a more sleek appearance than a mic stand.


Last, but not least, you’ll want to have a backdrop. Unless the back of your stage is open, granting guests a beautiful view of the outdoors, you’ll need to create an aesthetic backdrop. For some, this may entail signage, perhaps featuring the names of sponsors of your event. Alternatively, you can also use our pipe and drape, available in a range of colors, to create a simple but aesthetically pleasing backdrop. Perfect for taking quality event photos!

pipe and drape backdrop

Classic is proud to be renting staging for events! And our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the right rentals, to ensure a successful event. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or use our online cart feature to quickly and easily request a quote!