Georgia Party Rentals: Staging Rentals for Events

Staging not only elevates the visibility of performers or speakers but also contributes to your event’s overall success and organization. At Classic Tents & Events, we offer a wide range of staging rentals to ensure your guests are seen and heard. Whether you’re hosting a formal fundraiser, a conference, an outdoor concert, or any other event. Take a look at the different uses of staging, in addition to often overlooking equipment – steps, audio, and backdrop rentals.

Why You Need Event Staging

Staging provides more than just additional space; it creates a dedicated area that is elevated and visually distinct. This elevation helps in focusing attention on the key individuals, whether they are speakers, performers, or special guests, without the need for barricades or extensive security. Stages also contribute to a better event layout, making the entire setup more organized and functional.

event staging

Stage Accessibility Equipment

To ensure safe access to the stage, steps and railings are essential. These components not only facilitate smooth entry and exit for speakers and performers but also enhance safety. For guests with disabilities, ramps are available to provide easy access. Our staging systems can be installed securely on various terrains, including under our elegant tents, ensuring stability and safety no matter the location.

Audio Equipment Rentals

For events featuring live entertainment or speakers, high-quality audio equipment is a must. We offer a comprehensive selection of audio rentals, including speakers, microphones, and cables, to ensure clear sound throughout your event space. To protect the audio equipment and prevent accidents, we recommend using cable ramps. These ramps are particularly useful for managing wires between different areas or tents, reducing the risk of tripping.

outdoor audio equipment

Stage Lecterns

A lectern is an indispensable addition for events with speakers. It not only provides a focal point on stage but also offers practical storage space for notes, water, and other essentials. Lecterns contribute to a modern and organized appearance and can be equipped with microphones, offering a more streamlined look compared to traditional mic stands.

Staging Backdrops

A well-designed backdrop enhances the visual appeal of your stage. If your stage doesn’t have a scenic outdoor view, consider using backdrops to create an attractive setting. Options include artificial boxwood hedges featuring event sponsors or our versatile pipe and drape, available in a variety of colors. A professional backdrop not only improves the aesthetic but also serves as a perfect backdrop for event photos.

At Classic Tents & Events, we take pride in providing top-quality staging rentals for events in Atlanta and beyond. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the right components to ensure your event’s success. Contact us today to get started, or use our online cart feature to request a quote quickly and easily.