Georgia Tent Rentals: Food Vendor Tents for Festivals and Fairs

There’s is something nostalgic about greasy food served in the open-air! It’s the smell of seasonal festivals and late summer nights spent beneath colorful lights. At Classic Tents & Events we want to keep old school festivals alive by helping vendors dish out fresh and delicious fair food. Keep reading to learn about our food vendor tents and the must-have rentals needed to create a fair-worthy feast.

Large & Small Tents

At Classic, we offer a variety of different tents for every type of food vendor. Our large frame and marquee tents can house multiple vendors, for a compact concession area. For an individual food station, spread throughout your festival grounds, one of our easy to install pop-up tents will be ideal. In addition to a tent, however, you’ll also want to prepare for the unexpected: inclement weather. We stock heavy-duty flooring that will ensure your staff remains safe and out of the muck, in the event of rain. Meanwhile, our sturdy siding will allow you to keep serving food, while keeping your equipment dry and your team cool.

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Tables & Chairs

Aside from tents, your vendors may need tables within their space for prepping food and serving customers. We rent rectangular and square banquet tables of various sizes for all your needs. Both are available with table leg extenders, increasing the table height for easier food prep.  In addition to your vendors, remember tables and chairs for your festival attendees! Be sure to rent enough tables and chairs to accommodate the estimated crowd size so they have spots to savor all that tasty fair food.

outdoor festival or fair chairs and tables for dining area

VIP Dining Areas

At some events, VIP dining tents may be preferred, wherein guests can reserve a space for their group. In this case, a designated and fenced-in dining area will work wonders. Our White Picket Fence will assist with crowd control, by minimizing both entry and exit points. It will also establish clear boundaries if you intend to limit the areas that food or alcohol can be taken to. Consider linens and upgraded tables or chairs like our Sonoma Crossback Chair and Fruitwood Farm Table for a more upscale experience.

Condiment Stations

Depending on the food being served, you’ll want to have a condiment station! What’s a BBQ or corndog stand without your favorites sauces! Our EZ pop-up tents are perfect for condiment stations, whether they are used for individual or multiple food vendors. They will help keep your condiments out of the heat, in a convenient location right next to a food stall or dining area.

Need more help determining the best food vendor tents for a spring festival or fair? Our team would be glad to assist you! Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or use our cart feature to request a quote! Plus, be sure to visit Coastal Restaurant Equipment Rentals for all of your foodservice equipment needs.