Must-Have Mitzvah Party Rentals to Personalize Your Celebration

Attended by family and friends, a Mitzvah is a highly anticipated milestone in a child’s life. To ensure the success of your event, Classic has everything you need to host your teen’s Mitzvah! Check out the must-have mitzvah party rental items to create a memorable coming-of-age celebration.


With an extensive rental inventory of tents, Classic Tents & Events has all the party rentals needed to build the foundation of your event space. No matter what size tent we need, we can provide a tailored solution in the space provided – whether it needs to be in the backyard of your home or adjacent to a local venue. Having worked with nearly hundreds of organizations, couples, and families, our experience is extensive – there’s not a problem we haven’t solved. For a more convenient booking, consider our Backyard Tent Packages.

Mitzvah party rentals for your backyard celebrations in Atlanta Georgia

Tables & Chairs

When designing a layout beneath your tent, the first mitzvah party rentals you will want to look at are our tables and chairs. Long dinner tables will lend a cozier feel to your event, while round tables will be are preferred for seating groups or families. Next are chairs, which can be more simple or decorative. Resin folding chairs are a classic, but our Cross-back chairs lend a look that is more personalized.

Pipe & Drape

Once you have booked a tent, pipe and drape can be used to meet a variety of needs. For starters, it separates the unique areas of your event space, such as a bar or children’s activity area. Pipe and drape may also be used by vendors to hide equipment, especially for DJs and caterers. Lastly, use pipe and drape – combined with decor or other signage – to create a one-of-a-kind photo backdrop.

Dance Floors & Red Carpet Entrances

Another popular choice for entertainment is a dance floor. Young or old, your guests will enjoy letting loose on the dance floor, especially when it comes time for the Hora. We offer a variety of flooring options for your event, including a Hologram Dance Floor and formal Parquet Floor. Plus, don’t forget to grab our red carpet runner to create a luxe entrance for your guests!


One of our favorite ways to personalize your mitzvah is by adding lighting. We offer a full inventory no matter if your child prefers fun colors or a more elegant vibe. Feature large crystal chandeliers for your fairytale-loving child, or inflatable stars to create a dreamy feel. Our SlimPar Pro RGBA LED Lights are a popular way to light up the dance floor in the color of your choice.

Contact our team at Classic Tents & Events to learn how we can meet all your bar, bat or b’nai mitzvah party rentals needs, as well as to personalize your celebration.