Creative Solutions: Rentals for Film Production Basecamp

Classic Tents & Events understands that every minute counts in film production! Making it crucial that cast and crew have the necessary facilities at their fingertips. A well-organized and functional basecamp serves as the heartbeat of any successful film shoot, providing the backbone for a smooth and productive workflow. Keep reading to explore our rentals for film production basecamp, from power and distribution to cast holding and private dining tents.

Large Holding Tents

At the center of any film production is the assembly of craft services and crew members. Our spacious frame tents can accommodate large numbers of personnel, in addition to film equipment. These tents go beyond merely providing shelter; they can be customized with tables, chairs, and climate control systems, ensuring a comfortable environment regardless of the season. Whether it’s heating for cold shoots or fans for warmer climates, maintaining an optimal temperature is essential for the well-being and productivity of the crew. As is ample tent lighting, to keep your team safe once the sun goes down.

film production rentals dining tent

Privacy Dining Tents

Creating a designated dining space within reach of the cast and crew is essential. Classic Tents and Events offers tailored solutions to establish a mess hall for scheduled mealtimes or on-demand access. For actors requiring privacy, smaller tents with siding create low-profile dining areas. Equipped with catering equipment essentials, from refrigerators to ovens, grills, and cooktops, these setups streamline the process of preparing large quantities of food. After all, you want to ensure everyone is well-fed during intense production days!

Makeup and Wardrobe

The transformation of actors and the management of costumes and props demand ample space and organization. Maximize the square footage of our frame tents when you utilize pipe and drape to segment and designate areas. These spaces can serve multiple purposes. From dressing rooms to prop departments and secure areas for costuming. Professional makeup artists will also find their sanctuary, more so with lighted makeup mirrors that enhance their ability to work efficiently.

“Classic Tents is amazing. They are the go-to for everyone in the film and TV industry because they are the best. They are awesome at customer service, they’ll fix any problems that occur as quickly as possible and make recommendations that will help you save money. For me, I’ve never felt like just another client to them. They treat me like the boss and focus on my goals rather than just another job to do. A++”

– Ian Simpson, Locations for Film & Television

Power and Distribution

The lifeline of any basecamp is its power supply. Classic Tents is happy to provide tents designated for power, including sources and distribution. Such as generators and cable ramps. This infrastructure is crucial for safe and effective energy distribution and the uninterrupted workflow of everyone – catering, makeup artists, prop creation, and beyond. Trust us in safeguarding these resources from the public and environmental elements!

rentals for film production

Restroom Trailers

Maintaining hygiene and comfort is pivotal for any production. Our restroom trailers are luxurious facilities, complete with climate control and fresh-water sinks. These trailers accommodate the crew’s needs, improving hygiene and convenience around the basecamp. Especially for those locations without existing restroom amenities. Don’t forget to stock up on trashcans and sanitation stations, not only for restroom areas but throughout the basecamp!

Classic Tents & Events is well known for our creative solutions and rentals for film production! View our entire inventory, including climate-controlled tents, furniture, and more. Plus, quickly request a quote using our cart feature. For additional help or customized solutions, work with a member of our team