pros and cons of renting versus buying event rentals

Should You Rent it? Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Buying Items for Your Event

If you are hosting an event, you have a lot of planning to do and a lot of items to secure to bring your vision to life. You might need a tent, lighting, furniture, flooring, as well as decorations. These items are easy enough to obtain. The question is, should your rent it or buy it? There are pros and cons to both! Let’s break both options down so that you can make a confident decision for all your events, now and in the future.

Venue Location

When it comes to events people are quick to invest in an existing venue or space. Granted doing so comes with benefits, such as a finished space with climate control and lighting. However, you might find that a venue limits the crowd size or what you can pull off. Many venues also include the help of an on-site planner or recommendations for local planners and other businesses, for a variety of event needs. However, some venues have limitations, like an approved vendor list – restricting who you can hire.

Meanwhile, opting to rent a tent for your event space means you will be able to create a custom space tailored to your needs. Whether that means accommodating a stage, creating a designated space for vendors, or a secondary tent for a hospitality area. Something Classic is glad to guide you through, along with obtaining event permits. Opting for a tent might mean that you need to invest in tent accessories or climate control, but the cost of a tent will often mean more room in your budget for these rentals and more.

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Event Rentals

Event lighting, a dance floor, and pipe and drape. These are just a few of the event rentals you might need when hosting an event. Some of which are easier to buy than others. Event lighting, for example, is simple enough to buy. But post-event you are left with strands upon strands of lighting that you may or may not use again. And what about the installation process? When you work with a rental company like Classic, we do all the heavy lifting – from start to finish. Flooring and a dance floor are more difficult to purchase, and unless you’re a professional with the equipment needed to transport these rentals, you’re signing yourself up for a lot of work. At the end of the day, whether or not to rent or buy some event rentals comes down to if it is worth the hassle, regardless of cost.

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Catering Equipment

Most events feature a meal, if not a variety of appetizers. Rentals for catering small portions of food are readily available at most large retailers. Specifically chafing dishes, food warmers, and similar appliances. However, along with purchasing these items comes the responsibility of cleanup. As well as storage following an event. Through a rental company, you can rent large catering equipment that allows for high-quality and fresh food to be prepared on-site by a professional team. It also allows for a much wider menu, with equipment ranging from ovens to cooktops, fryers, and refrigerators.

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