Classic Solutions: Custom Tents for Training Sessions

At Classic Tents & Events, we are proud to provide tents for training sessions! We stock a variety of tents, in a range of styles and sizes, which can be used to create a functional yet flexible space to train staff or host educational events that expand your office space. Keep reading to learn about our temporary and long-term structures for on-site corporate training events, perfect for everything from holding demonstrations to hosting guest speakers.

Walls & Doors

As with hosting any outdoor event, there is always a risk of inclement weather. But when you’ve invested in getting your entire team together, the show must go on! By renting walls and doors, your training session will be able to continue regardless of the weather and better insulate your tent. In addition to keeping your staff comfortable, it will also protect any equipment or products you are using.

tent for training session

Climate Control

Along with protecting your staff or guests from inclement weather, you also want to keep them comfortable. Depending on the season, our team can provide you with heaters or A/C, to help maintain a cozy environment.  Taking these measures will not only make for happier staff but make it so that they can concentrate on your training.


Depending on your industry, your training session may include hosting guest speakers. In which case we recommend that you invest in staging and audio equipment! Alternatively, staging can also be beneficial depending on the size of your training event. If you have a large number of attendees, staging will help ensure that everyone can see and hear – especially if your training includes demonstrations.

staging for training

Long-term Rentals

Planning to host several smaller training sessions over a long period of time? No problem! Classic is proud to offer long-term temporary structures for rent, perfect for hosting more intimate training sessions. Our temporary structures can be left in place for several weeks or months, along with walkways and flooring.

Need to rent one of our tents for training sessions? Our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the best tent and accessories for your event. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or use our easy cart feature to request a quote!