Tent Rental 101: Long-Term Temporary Tents

Classic Tents & Events partners with businesses big and small to provide tents and equipment for long-term rental needs! Whether it be a week or a month, our event tents are useful for creating a variety of designated spaces. For everything from temporary medical structures to warehousing, remote movie sets, and pop-up shops or retail expansions. Keep reading to learn about our long-term temporary tents and accessories. Available and ready to rent across the Southeast and US!

Types of Temporary Tents

Let’s start by covering the different types of temporary tents. A variety of businesses use temporary tents to meet a wide range of needs. This can include covering rain-soaked job sites or creating lunch areas and breakrooms. For storage during a renovation or construction emergency (like a busted water pipe). They are especially popular during peak sale seasons, for everything from garden centers to car dealerships. Retail businesses with limited space, such as a furniture store, will use a long-term temporary tent to expand a sales floor. As will restaurants in need of additional seating. In addition to large structures, temporary walkways can also be constructed to shield staff and customers. Whether during rainy seasons or extended heat waves.

Adherence to Permitting Requirements

In addition to our beautiful and sparkling clean tents, the Team Classic is well-versed in the permitting process for long-term temporary tents! An inspection and permits are often required for the erection of a long-term structure and can vary by location – downtown or urban areas and historic sites. We can also provide essential rentals for guest safety, including exit signs, fire extinguishers, and crowd control equipment. In addition to restroom trailers, hand sanitizer stations, and other sanitation essentials, to maintain cleanliness. As a one-stop shop for event tents and rentals, we will ensure that you have everything you need to get your setup approved in a timely manner.

classic tents and events long term tent rentals permitting

A Solution-Oriented Approach

If you happen to experience any delays caused by permitting issues, you can be confident that Classic Tents & Events is here to support you. Our dedicated team, including warehouse staff and field crews, is fully equipped to assist you in promptly setting up your tent and gathering last-minute rentals. Our business philosophy revolves around excellent customer service and a proactive problem-solving mindset. We take great pride in our capacity to adapt swiftly to accommodate event postponements, evolving restrictions, and changes in permitting demands.

Flooring & Staging

Depending on the location of your event or the terrain upon which your event tent sits, you may be in need of flooring. We offer several solutions to ensure you meet permitting requirements, and the safety of guests. Dura-Trac Flooring is a modular, plastic flooring system designed specifically for easy installation on a variety of ground types. Use this for any type of event and any type of traffic, including vehicles, to create a smooth and safe surface. Alternatively, level flooring systems can be used to create a surface suitable for tents. In addition to flooring, we also carry staging rentals. Including ramps and stairs with handrails, whether they are required for accessibility or ease of access. Note, however, that staging may require separate permitting!

long term tent rental and flooring

Ready to invest in long-term temporary tents for your business or event? Get in touch and let’s start planning! A member of our team would be glad to assist you in choosing the best tent for your needs. Including tent accessories such as lighting, flooring, or climate control. Alternatively, use our convenient cart feature to quickly request a quote.