More than Tents: Food Service Equipment Rentals

Food plays a central role in any event, be it a small social gathering or a large corporate function. The presence of food at an event is not only expected but also anticipated. And with a range of specialized equipment designed to streamline food preparation and the service process, you’ll have no problem impressing your guests. Keep reading to explore in-stock food service equipment rentals from Classic Tents & Events that will make for a seamless and efficient catering experience.

Freezers & Refrigerators

To keep perishable food fresh and safe, freezers and refrigerators are essential. We offer solid two-door refrigerators and chest freezers that will ensure that your food remains at the ideal temperature. Preventing spoilage and ensuring food safety throughout your event. While spacious interior compartments allow for easy organization and access to your stored items, facilitating a smooth and efficient food service operation.

fridges and freezers for catering


Fryers are a staple in any event that involves fried food; especially seasonal festivals and fairs. From crispy french fries to golden funnel cakes, these versatile pieces of equipment can handle a variety of deep-fried delicacies. Renting high-quality fryers ensures consistent cooking temperatures, efficient oil usage, and delicious results every time.

air fryer for food festival

Griddles & Cooktops

For preparing large quantities of food quickly, consider a griddle or cooktop. Whether you’re flipping pancakes at a breakfast buffet or searing steaks at a barbecue, having reliable griddles and cooktops can significantly enhance your event’s food preparation. Our food service equipment rental options include a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate various cooking needs.

Food Service Equipment Rentals in atlanta

Hot Food Cabinets

Hot food cabinets are vital for keeping pre-prepared dishes warm and ready to serve. They will help maintain the optimal temperature for hot food, ensuring that it remains flavorful and appetizing for your guests. Our in-stock inventory included cabinets that can accommodate a full pan or sheet pans, as well as plate warming cabinets.

hot food cabinets and warmers for rent


Crucial for any kitchen or chef, ovens play a significant role in large-scale catering events. Whether you’re baking bread, roasting a succulent turkey, or preparing a variety of casseroles, having reliable ovens is essential. Rental options include single and double convection ovens, designed to handle the demands of high-volume cooking.

hot food cabinets for rent


To complete your setup, various accessories are available for rent to enhance the efficiency of your food service. These accessories include large prep tables, speed racks for easy transportation of trays, heat lamps to keep food warm during service, stainless steel sheet pans for baking and roasting, and chafing dishes for elegant food presentation.

Food Service Equipment Rentals and accessories

Want to check out our food service equipment rentals? Get in touch with the team at Classic Tents & Events today for help selecting the best professional equipment. Or use our cart feature to quickly request a quote for your event! Worried that you’re forgetting something? Be sure to check out our Food Festival Equipment Rental Checklist!