Georgia Tent Rentals: Planning Outdoor Political Campaign Events

Running for a position in a public office? If so, chances are you will need to plan one, if not several, outdoor events to speak to the public – your potential voters and donors. In which case, you will want to take any steps you can to ensure a safe and well-put-together event. And you’ll need a partner that is responsive and adaptable to changing needs. Today we’re sharing some of our must-have rentals to plan successful outdoor political campaign events, from tents to staging and crowd control.

Staging & Tents for Political Campaigns

Regardless of the type of event you are hosting, such as a rally or political fundraiser, a tent is the best way to ensure the show goes on despite any extreme weather. You can rest assured that come heat or rain, you as well as the public will remain safe and comfortable. We can provide event tents in a wide array of sizes, and are happy to help you determine the best option based on the expected crowd. For smaller gatherings, one of our Frame Tents will do just fine – outfitted with siding and perhaps A/C. Meanwhile, our Structure Tents have the largest squire footage and height clearance, ideal for much larger crowds. For larger events, we also recommend that you invest in staging, to limit who can access VIPs and ensure they stay front and center. For a professional look, be sure to ask about our Stage Skirts and Clear Acrylic Podium.

Political Campaign Event Tenting

Political Campaign Event Staging

Crowd Control for Speaker & Guest Safety

While staging can provide some level of safety, the best option to ensure safety all around is crowd control measures. Specifically, the use of barricades! Classic offers an array of options to assist with crowd control depending on guest count. While our White Picket Fence is a stylish option for small or local events, heavy-duty measures are essential for large gatherings. Our Steel Barricades are the best choice for any event with large enough crowds that limited entry points are required. They are also an effective way to help maintain the flow of crowds or to guide them throughout the event space.


Tables & Chairs

In addition to more public events, we also provide rentals for fundraisers and speaking to the press. In which case you will need a more private setup! All of our tents can be enclosed to create a more intimate space, outfitted with plenty of tables and chairs. And rigged up with all the essentials to maintain a professional look – perfect for photos. Start with our staging and create a simple backdrop using pipe and drape – or go big with our boxwood hedges. These can easily be customized with your motto or slogan, as well as left bare. Just don’t forget a podium to amplify your voice!

political event press tent

Political Campaign Event Tenting

Classic is proud to provide tenting for outdoor political campaign events! And our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the right rentals, to ensure a safe and successful event. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or use our online cart feature to quickly and easily request a quote!