Mistakes to Avoid when Renting a Wedding Tent

Booking a tent for any event, especially a wedding, allows you to create a fully personalized and custom space – and set it up at nearly any location. Unless you happen to be an event planner, it’s easy to overlook important details. To help ensure your wedding is a success, keep reading to learn about the most common mistakes to avoid when renting a wedding tent!

Skipping the Site Inspection

Prior to booking a tent for an event, you need to have a site inspection from your rental company. A survey is necessary to learn about the space available, potential obstructions, utility lines, levelness, and surface type. All these details will play into the type and size of tent(s) you can rent and your event layout. This information will also be passed on to your tent installation crew, who will ensure that your tent is safely installed as planned to bring your vision to life.

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Ordering Last Minute

As soon as you confirm your event date, you should start looking into tents for rent. Tents for events are booked several months in advance. Meaning if you wait too long, you run the risk of not having a tent. Even if the tent is only part of your rain plan, you still need to plan ahead. The same applies to any rentals! Secure them early! Waiting until the last minute to set up a rain plan and book the necessary rentals make the final days leading up to your wedding very stressful. Inventory may be unavailable, installs may need more time than you anticipated, unexpected problems don’t have time to be handled. Plan ahead and avoid all this stress.

Too Small of a Tent

One of the first things people consider when considering the size of the tent they need is guest count. But there are a variety of other details you need to consider, in order to make sure everything will fit under your tent comfortably. For example, whether or not you will have a dance floor? Where will any food and drink displays be located? What about other vendors, such as the DJ and bartender? You’ll want to know how much room these will take up and secure a large enough tent to house everyone comfortably! After all, you want your guests to be able to roam freely and mingle, not be crammed around their dinner table.

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Forgetting Extras

In addition to renting a wedding tent, there are few extras that you should consider. For starters, lighting! If your event will run into the evening, then you will want to light up the interior of the tent. As well as any areas immediately outside the tent, such as restrooms, bar or lounge. Depending on the season, you will then need heaters or A/C to keep everyone comfortable. Lastly, walkways and flooring. Walkways and flooring will be highly appreciated if your tent is located a distance away from buildings, especially if it is on uneven ground or a lawn. Overall, these items will not only make for a more memorable event but help keep your guests comfortable throughout the evening! For more ideas, read our blog on ways to customize your wedding tent.

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