Pool Tenting: Use Your Outdoor Pool Year-Round

outdoor pool

When you buy a home with a pool, you want to be able to use it! Winter temperatures and rainy forecasts may mean you can use your pool half of the year. Leaving you to wonder if it was worth the investment. This is why Classic Tents & Events wants to help you use your outdoor pool year-round, by offering temporary structures for rent. Keep reading to learn about our large tents for rent and the accessories that will make for a comfortable outdoor environment – year-round!

Go Big with Temporary Structures

Depending on the size of your in-ground pool, you will need a large tent. But if you want to enjoy the patio area around your pool, you will need an even bigger one, covering the surrounding patio area. By sizing up to a larger tent, you will not only have access to your pool year-round but also your pool deck. We recommend our clearspan tent, which comes in flexible sizes and doesn’t require pole supports that interfere with your pool.

Test-Drive a Permanent Enclosure

Aside from allowing you to enjoy your pool in the off-season, renting a temporary structure like a tent is also a great way to test out the idea of a permanent structure – before investing in one. A permanent structure is expensive, especially if you end up disliking it. So rent a tent for a season or two to get a full scope of the pros and cons involved. From avoiding leaves in the pool to enjoying scorching days in the shade.

Comfy & Cozy with Lighting and Climate Control

While a covered pool in and of itself is enjoyable, some accessories will make it even cozier. Especially during cooler months! For example, heaters. Not only do we offer insulated or heated tents, but we can also install a propane heater. As well as standalone heaters for outdoor dining or lounge areas. Or rent a large drum fan during scorching summer months. If you enjoy an evening swim, you will also want some lighting. Whether you prefer classic string lights or more elegant globe lights is up to you!

Want to use your outdoor pool year-round? Contact us today and a member of our sales team would be glad to hook you up with the right tent and accessories for unlimited access to your patio and pool. Or visit our catalog and use our cart feature for a quick quote!