Tent Rental 101: Rain Plans for Outdoor Events

When hosting an outdoor or backyard event it’s fun to think about the set-up, decor and even the food. However, you also need to have a rain plan in case of inclement weather. After all, we can’t control the forecast but we can get you covered! Beyond setting up a tent, there are various ways to create a safe and cozy environment for your guests. Learn about our in-stock upgrades for your tent, and how our team can help you create rain plans for outdoor events!

Side Walls

In case of rain or chilly temps, sidewalls are a must. An easy addition to any of our tents, walls create an enclosed space, ensuring that your guests stay warm and dry. It will also protect them, and your interior decor and tablescapes, from any wind. We’re glad to add sidewalls to your entire tent, prior to the event. Or consider screen sidewalls to keep pesky bugs at bay.

Tent Gutters

In the event that it will rain for the majority of your event, you may need a little extra help to keep the water from finding its way indoors. Tent gutters are equally easy to install, but will make a big difference should you encounter more than a drizzle. Even more so if you have multiple tents set up side-by-side.

tent siding and accessories for rent


Depending on the surface of your event space, flooring will be a saving grace. Grass or dirt in particular will quickly soak of water, leaving you and your guests stuck in the mud. Event flooring, such as Dura Trac, will keep your guests safe from the muck and getting their heels stuck. It can also be covered with a variety of unique visuals to create a custom look. We also offer raised flooring, which is a better option for long-term tent needs. They tend to bear the weight of heavy traffic better and will make it easier for you to maintain a clean environment.

Covered Walkways

At some venues, a short walk is required from the parking space to the event. As well as between different areas of the event. In such an instance, covered walkways will be much appreciated by those in attendance. It will allow them to leave their large umbrellas in their cars, and to fully experience the event without any worries about getting wet. Depending on the walkway itself, it will also prevent anyone from slipping on a wet surface.

covered walkways for rainy outdoor event


Dark and rainy events lead to slippery surfaces that are hard for guests to see. By renting the appropriate type and amount of lighting, you can create a much safer event space. They can be in and around the tent, including on walkways, to spotlight entrances, and so on.

Tent Weights

In many instances, wind coincides with rain. Making tent weights an essential rental when creating rain plans for your outdoor events. What are tent weights? Made of concrete, they ensure that your tent won’t take flight when a large burst of wind strikes. Installed by our crew, they will be placed on the exterior of the tent and will not impede on the interior square footage. They are included in all of our backyard tent packages.

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An added note: Classic Tents & Events recommends that you create an evacuation route and have a clearly marked exit at any enclosed event. This will make exiting the tent safer for everyone in the event of an emergency. For which reason, we offer both printed and lighted signs, as well as fire extinguishers.

Do you need help creating rain plans for your outdoor events? We’re ready to help! Get in touch with our team to secure the best tent and tent accessories for your event.