6 Do’s & Don’ts for Your Atlanta Tent Rental

Every field has its experts. And Classic Tents & Events happen to be experts in tents and special events! As the largest locally owned tent and equipment rental company in Atlanta, Classic Tents & Events is committed to the success of your event, party or wedding. To help you, here are 6 do’s and don’ts for your Georgia tent rental.

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Do Choose the Right Tent for Your Event

What is the right tent for your event? It all depends! On the ground type at the location, the size of the event, and what the tent is being used for. We have a tent for every single event, including marquee tents, pole tents, frame tents and structure tents. If you need help determining which tent best suits your needs, our team is on hand to help with creative solutions, no matter the set-up!

Do Consider Power

Power is often overlooked when it comes to your tent set-up. Should you need climate control or any lighting fixtures or have a band that needs to plugin, you’ll need a generator to ensure you have the power you need. We’ve got you covered here! Our inventory includes everything you could want or need, from fancy chandeliers to stylish propane heaters and generators.

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Don’t Skimp on Safety

No matter the size of your event, safety measures should always be taken. This means working with professionals to choose the right tent and supports for the location and forecasted weather. It means having enough time to properly construct your tent. It also may mean having exit signs, fire extinguishers or fencing for crowd control (any of which our inventory has covered!)

Do Plan for Any Kind of Weather

Weather can and will rain on your parade! Don’t leave anything up to chance and make a weather plan. Whether it be larger tent or tent siding due to rain in the forecast, heaters for a predicted dip in temps, or a misting cooler for a day of high humidity, preparing for any mood that Mother Nature is in will mean fewer headaches during your event.

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Don’t Forget Tent Accessories

While tent accessories are not always a necessity, they will take your event to the next level. Accessories may include a set of double entry doors, staging to keep speakers up front and center, or rolling out a red carpet at your entrance. These touches will personalize and elevate your event beyond the basic tents guests have gotten accustomed to. There are lots of options now available to turn a tent space into a comfortable and custom structure for your guests.

Do Support Local & Independent Companies

When outfitting your tent, be sure to take advantage of the wide range of services and products provided by local and independent companies (that’s Classic Tents & Events!). We know investing in small, local businesses means you’re investing in the local community both socially and economically. And that’s a definite do in our book.


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