Classic Solutions: Clear Tents for Rent

Clear tent siding is nothing new to the event planners and hosts, but this style has peaked in popularity! Although it is first and foremost recognized as a beautiful accessory, clear siding functions in a variety of ways to keep guests comfortable and the party going. Keep reading to learn about our clear tents for rent in Georgia, and how to host a memorable outdoor event year-round.

Clear Top Tents

A clear top tent is a beautiful option for any type of event – birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, galas, and more. As sturdy and functional as any other tent, this style boasts a unique clear canopy that allows you to host an event outdoors while enjoying the comforts of an indoor environment. It will provide ample protection from inclement weather, such as rain or snow, as well as falling leaves. In combination with heating or cooling equipment, they can even be used year-round. They remain most popular during the spring and fall when you run a higher risk of encountering inclement or poor weather. Of course, our favorite detail is being able to enjoy a sunset from every angle within a clear top tent! Then again, this style is equally magical at night, offering a gorgeous view of the sky and stars.

P.S. To make the most of your tent – even once the sun has gone down – be sure to take a look at our tent lighting, including classic bistro lights and chandeliers!

clear wedding reception tent

Clear Sides for Tents

As with a clear top tent, clear siding is widely popular due to the increased visibility it provides. However, sidewalls play an especially important role when it comes to weather. On sunny days foregoing tent siding will actually help to keep a tent cooler (should you not opt for air conditioning), allowing better air circulation. On wet or rainy days, water can still penetrate a tent through the open sides, especially if you haven’t invested in gutters. Siding, on a tent as well as walkways, will ensure that guests stay warm and dry regardless of the weather. It will also help to retain heat, a plus if you’re hosting during the winter months. Note, however, that there are different types of clear siding! Some walls offer a completely clear side, while others feature elegant windows that allow a partial view.

Looking for clear tents for rent in Georgia? Our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the best tent and accessories for your event. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or for some event inspiration featuring a clear tent, check out the details from this elegant Atlanta wedding!