Classic Solutions: Unique Reasons for Renting a Tent

In addition to events, there are a range of unique reasons for renting a tent. They are used for a variety of different types of events throughout a variety of different industries, including construction companies, medical facilities, and more. Learn about the less obvious reasons that one might rent a tent throughout Georgia and the Southeast. Plus, how Classic Tents and Events provides solutions in these special circumstances.

Temporary Warehouses

When renting a warehouse isn’t an option, a climate-controlled tent works well as an alternative. With our tents, a temporary structure can be installed adjacent to your project site or storefront – making it a great option for a range of businesses big and small! Plus, our inventory includes a range of options for different needs, whether you require large clearance for machinery, siding to protect your business assets, along with climate control solutions to keep your tent heated or cooled. Not to mention our team is much more flexible than a landlord, offering both short and long-term leasing.

warehouse for rent

Construction Sites

Rain or shine, construction projects must go on! Classic is proud to provide solutions for both construction companies and personal projects – ideal for those month-long DIY home renovations! As well as those that run into the wintertime. Our tents allow for outdoor projects to persist regardless of the weather, thanks to sturdy flooring, secure siding, and gutter systems to redirect water away from the site. To create a safe environment, we also recommend lighting and temperature control.

tents for rent construction

Drive-Thru Tents

When you need creative and professional solutions that will increase your capacity, we’ve got you covered. Drive-thru tents are an effective way to reach more people quicker, whether you are administering medical services or hosting a fundraiser. With tents large and small we can help you create a custom setup that can accommodate any amount of traffic. Meanwhile, pipe and drape can easily be installed to create designated or private areas for staff or attendants!

drive through testing


Retail Tents

Tents are a business’s best friend, especially when it comes to catering to the masses. Our tents come in a variety of sizes making them ideal to fit into event grounds, parking lots, or open spaces near your brick and motor shop. Siding can also be installed in the event of extreme weather. Depending on the ground and time of day your shop will be open, we also recommend flooring and lighting to create a safer space wherein guests can browse.

Covered Walkways and Entrances

Going back to the primary use for tents, sometimes they are effective simply for combating different types of weather, like rain or direct sunlight. Our team is often called upon to create temporary coverings for walkways between buildings, as well as entrances. This type of tent rental is often secured in conjunction with a primary event tent, but does not have to be! We are glad to construct a tent for a walkway or entrance completely standalone.

tent for walkway

Garage Tents

When it comes to unique reasons for renting a tent, car garages are at the top of the list! Unless you own a pricey car, in which case you completely understand. These tenting structures can be used both personally and by businesses, such as dealerships or racetracks. As well as at events, like car shows or auto auctions. They are an effective way to keep your prized vehicles safe from extreme weather, or out of the public eye during downtimes.

garage tents for rent

Ready to book one or several of our tents? Our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the best rentals for your project. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or use our easy cart feature to request a quote! Need a long-term rental? We offer those too!