Supply Chain Challenges: Inventory Storage Solutions with Temporary Tents & Structures

Due to the inconsistent state of the supply chain, companies across the state find themselves facing an issue with oversupply – as an abundance of products come to their door all at once. Often without a place to safely store the product! At Classic Tents & Events we understand the impact these supply chain challenges have on local businesses and are proud to be able to offer assistance. Learn about our inventory storage solutions and how a temporary tent or structure can keep your product safe and help you avoid unnecessary warehouse costs.

Why Choose a Tent Over a Warehouse?

While renting a warehouse is an option, there are several issues that you are likely to encounter. First, is the lack of available warehouse storage – especially in cities like Atlanta. With these spaces being rented at unprecedented rates, pickings are slim. In the off chance you do secure one, you then face the issue of whether it is even the right space for your business needs. Your options may be limited to a space that is too small for your needs, leaving you stuck in a years-long lease when you need to expand. Or a space too large, where you are paying far more than you should be. This can all be prevented when you opt to rent a tent or temporary structure. A much better short-term solution, it will allow you to deal with inventory according to your individual business needs.

Know Your Options

Whereas with Georgia warehouse storage you get what you get, Classic offers a wide range of inventory storage solutions. Starting with both short and long term leasing options! We can write a lease that aligns with your business needs in this unpredictable time. Plus, we’ll help you determine the best size and style of tent for your storage needs, whether you need a tent with power & lighting or a structure with a high clearance. What does this mean? You will only pay for what you need, saving you more money. To top it all off, we’re a one stop shop for tent accessories. So we can help you effectively safe-keep your products and any staff who may be on-site. Ask about our climate control options, including fans and heaters, in addition to heavy-duty flooring, power, and lighting.

inventory storage tent

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