Classic Solutions: COVID Vaccination Tents

Be it large or small, indoors or outdoors, Classic Tents & Events is here to help you get Georgia vaccinated! When you need creative and professional solutions that will increase your organization’s capacity to administer the COVID vaccine, we’ve got you covered. Learn about our in-stock tents and classic rentals that can be used to create safe and efficient COVID vaccination tents.

Climate Control

Tents are a popular choice for administering vaccinations, giving you a customizable space built to fit any footprint. To ensure your staff and customers are as comfortable as possible, however, weatherproof tenting and climate-control are a must! Our tents and any necessary accessories can be set up within 24-48 hours to accommodate your needs in the space provided. And with flexible long-term leasing, you’ll be able to serve patients safely and comfortably for as long as is necessary.


Depending on the location that you plan to offer COVID vaccinations, flooring may be needed. For areas that include grass, our Dura-Trac flooring is essential. It will save you a lot of hassle moving wheeled equipment and potential damages to the ground. Floors with adequate traction also ensure that your employees & patients are safer.

Trash Cans

To maintain a clean and safe area, trash cans can be placed inside the vaccination area and at intervals throughout the queue. This will help with improved disposal of medical waste, as well as reduce any trash being left onsite by patients. Whether they are needed for patients or employees, sanitation stations are also available to help keep everyone safe and comfortable. They are especially useful for high contact areas, such as restrooms and breakrooms.

Privacy Draping

Often vaccine sites will need to create separate or private areas – this is where pipe & drape can be helpful. Use it to hide equipment from the public eye or to divide your tent or convention space into different areas. This is especially helpful when working within a limited area, and you need to create multiple queues or an area for your employees to take a break. Our pipe and drape are unable to be seen through and easy to set up if it needs to be rearranged.


We have a custom solution & rental plan for your COVID vaccination tent. Get in touch with our team for a custom layout and pricing today!