Georgia Events: Rentals for Fall Fairs & Festivals

At Classic Tents & Events we love assisting local businesses with tents for markets and fairs – especially when it comes to the fall season! A beautiful time of year, fall weather makes for the perfect conditions to host an outdoor gathering for businesses to showcase their food and products. To help you host a successful event, and take full advantage of this festive season, we’re sharing our essential rentals for fall fairs & festivals.

Layout Expertise

The foundation for any outdoor event is your tents. Of which Classic is proud to offer a wide variety of, including a range of sizes and styles. Our tents can be used for all matters of events, from arts and crafts fairs at which vendors showcase their products. As well as casual outdoor concerts and food-based celebrations. In addition to carrying tents, however, we also offer layout expertise. So not only will we provide you with the best tent for your event, but assist with designing an organized and functional layout for your festival.

outdoor festival or fair tent rentals

Crowd Control

At any event with a large guest count, crowd control is a must-have. They can first be used at entryways, especially those that are ticketed, to maintain a safe and orderly queue. Throughout your event space, they can also be used to frame dining areas or staging – for the safety of performers. We recommend our white picket fence for a more sophisticated event type. Meanwhile, metal barricades may be more useful for casual events, such as concerts.


Depending on the type of event you plan to host, your guests may enjoy entertainment. Whether it be performers, local musicians, or outdoor games! You might also consider if you will need a stage or lighting, for announcements or a dance floor (we can help you with all these rentals, too!). A frame tent will give you unobstructed open space for staging or crowds to dance. As well as the protection of expensive audio equipment. We offer a large variety of different sizes and styles of frame tents for you to choose from.

outdoor audio equipment

Concessions with Seating

For an all-day or multi-day event, food is a must-have. People love to eat, and there is something nostalgic about purchasing food from a tent. Alongside concession tents, we recommend a simple pole tent combined with fencing to create a separate area for dining. This style of tent will allow plenty of room for people to gather comfortably beneath the shade, while a fence will clearly mark the boundaries of the designated area. A secondary area can be established for VIP guests. If you prefer an open-air setup, go with a combination of tables and umbrellas. And don’t forget to check out our blog on vendor tents for festivals!

open air concession seating


Useful both outside and beneath tents, our Dura Flooring is a great addition to any outdoor event. This heavy-duty flooring can be installed in a variety of settings to create a safer event setup. For example, it can be placed on uneven lawns to level the surface for the placement of tents or to host guests. This will create an ideal space for vendors to set up their wares and fares. Meanwhile, in the event of rain, it will ensure that event staff and guests remains safe and out of the muck.

Medical & Comand Central

As the host of an event, you will need a command center! A place for event managers, staff, and volunteers to gather, getting the info they need to keep things running smoothly. It can also house equipment or additional rentals. Our structure tent is solid and secure, making it a great choice should you need a security tent that allows you to be discreet. Combined with non-see-through siding, we can ensure that you will have complete privacy.

event medical tent

Need more help determining the best rentals for fall fairs & festivals? Our team would be glad to assist you! Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or use our cart feature to request a quote!