Georgia Tent Rentals: Best Tents for Farmer’s Markets

As the weather warms up people look forward to attending farmer’s markets throughout Georgia! Both to purchase fresh, local foods at an affordable price, as well as to support small businesses. And to ensure that our local businesses have a place to house their goods, rain or shine, Classic Tents & Events is proud to offer tents for rent! Keep reading to learn what to look for when investing in tents for farmer’s markets.

Flexible Set-Up

Much like your display table, a tent is the foundation for a successful farmer’s market booth. Granted, you want a tent that is flexible to the market space. We have several options that will work no matter the space, ground or quantity needed.  These include our EZ UP Tents, a simple pop-up style. Followed by our Fiesta Tents, with options from 10×10 to 20×40 and up! Great for growing marketing stalls! For an especially stylish tent, consider our High Peak Tents, ranging from 10×10 to 20×30.

marquee tents at farmers market

The Right Size

Tents are not one size fits all! Depending on how many wares you have to showcase, you will need a tent to accommodate it all. For example, farmers who sell meat or produce tend to need a larger tent than those selling handmade soap or jewelry. Another factor to consider is how many people you intend to serve. Some booths are well known and can see more traffic than others. In which case, you may want a bigger tent where tables & draping are set underneath and attendees can wander from booth to booth under the tent. To help narrow down to the perfect size for your market, we recommend working with a member of our sales team.

Rain or Shine

When it comes to farmer’s markets and getting their hands on fresh produce, people aren’t afraid to go out in less than ideal weather! Oversized market tents are a great way to keep everyone dry during the day but so is tent siding! Simple to install, it will not only protect your vendor’s ware but make for a more comfortable environment in which to spend a good portion of the day. In case of a cold front, it will even help hold in some heat should you set up a portable heater. And if winds are in the forecast, we always recommend tent weights!

Customize Your Tent!

While at Classic we don’t offer customization features, we encourage our clients to customize their tents themselves. We offer linens in a variety of colors, to make for a more visually exciting display. And you are welcome to attach decor, that won’t damage the canopy, to the exterior of the tent. Such as sale signs, banners, pendants, and more!

Need more help determining the best tents for Farmer’s Markets or the right style for your booth? Our team would be glad to assist you, whether you are the host of the event or a retailer. Get in touch with our team today to start planning, or quickly get a quote when you utilize our cart feature! To learn more, check out our blog on Types of Tents for Spring Festivals & Events.