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Music Festival Equipment Rentals | Tents, Staging & More

Are you planning to host a music festival that leaves a lasting impression on attendees? Look no further than Classic Tents & Events for all your music festival equipment rentals. From creating safer festival entrances to providing next-level hospitality tents, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to explore our range of tents and equipment that can make your festival a safe and memorable experience, from start to finish!

Creating Safer Festival Entrances

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable festival experience hinges on the effective organization of entrances. Our tents play a crucial role in facilitating a seamless and efficient entry process, creating a well-defined and controlled checkpoint. Additionally, metal barricades are at your disposal to guide guests through metal detectors or establish clear checkpoints. By regulating the crowd flow, the risk of individuals bypassing entry points is minimized, reducing the likelihood of injuries caused by overcrowding.

Merchandise Tents

Merchandise is a key element of any successful music festival. Classic Tents & Events large tents that are ideal for upselling opportunities. Consider featuring one or multiple large-frame tents dedicated to merchandise sales. Or provide smaller marquees for event sponsors for brand activations, where they can showcase their own merchandise. Our tents create defined spaces that enhance the overall festival atmosphere.

music festival merchandise tent

Covered Event Stages

Ensure your performers and guests are front and center with our large frame tents, situated atop custom event stages. Classic Tents & Events can create elevated stages, equipped with stairs and ramps for accessibility. Depending on ground conditions, install ground leveling systems for safety. We also recommend placing barricades around stages and audio booths to protect both performers and guests.

Next Level Hospitality Tents

Take your festival to new heights with our next-level hospitality tents. Whether you want tents at ground level or elevated structures, we have options perfect for festival planners who want to offer multiple levels of experiences at varying price points. Depending on the weather, these tents can be outfitted with climate control or clear siding to ensure guest comfort. Elevate the experience for VIP guests, including entertainers, with our versatile and customizable hospitality tents.

music festival equipment rental

Designated Food and Drink Tents

Optimize the layout of your festival and enhance the guest experience with designated tents for food and beverages. Our marquee tents are the most effective options, providing vendors with clearly defined work and service spaces. For dining areas, we recommend large frame tents, complete with tables and chairs. Spacious and clearly designated food and drink areas will not only assist with traffic flow and event organization but also contribute to the overall ambiance.

Event Organization and Medical Tents

For a safe and functional event, don’t forget tents to serve as festival command centers, organizational hubs, and medical stations. Our spacious and weather-resistant tents act as central locations for event staff, security personnel, and organizers to coordinate logistics, communicate efficiently, and address any issues that may arise. Additionally, strategically placed medical tents equipped with necessary supplies and personnel ensure swift responses to health-related concerns.

festival medical tent

Hosting a successful outdoor festival requires careful planning and attention to detail! Classic Tents & Events offers a comprehensive range of music festival equipment rentals. From creating safer entrances to providing top-notch hospitality tents, merchandise spaces, event stages, and food and drink areas. Reach out today to learn how you can take your festival to the next level!