Classic Solutions: Rentals for Brand Activations

Brand activation, guerilla marketing, and experiential marketing – different ways of saying the same thing. You want to build up the hype around your business, or the products or services your business has to offer. More so, they boil down to hosting creative, themed, highly immersive events that leave a lasting impression. A goal that Classic Tents and Events want to help you achieve! Keep reading to learn about our rentals for brand activations, from tents to staging, available to lease.

The Perfect Layout

There is a benefit to creating an event space with tents that a traditional venue just can’t beat, regardless of the size. Whereas choosing an existing space means that you must work within the confines of that space, a tent allows you to create your own. That means you can construct a completely custom layout that aligns with your needs. Say you want a covered bar that runs the entire length of a pool, or need a pop-up retail space that can handle heavy foot traffic. A tent makes for the best space you and your team could imagine!

Customize Your Event Space

When promoting your brand, you need to do so in a setting that makes sense for the product you’re trying to promote. There is no better space than a tent, which serves as a blank canvas that you can make your very own. Customizing a tent presents endless opportunities, from decorating with pipe and drape to carpet for a more luxe look. We provide rentals to complete your tent from floor to ceiling, including staging for entertainment and lighting that allows the party to run past sunset. Plus, climate control solutions, so that no matter where you go or what time of year the event takes place, guests remain comfortable.

Regional Support

At Classic we know the growth of your business means reaching as many people as possible – and that means your show needs to go on the road. For this reason, we are proud to offer custom tent leasing options that align with your business needs and tour schedule. We can provide tents and accessories for as many days as needed as you travel across the region. Not to mention, renting a temporary structure is more affordable than renting multiple venues!

Looking for rentals for brand activations? Our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the rentals that will assist you in leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Get in touch today & let’s get started! Or use our easy cart feature to request a quote and we will follow up shortly.