Permitting Needs for Filming in Georgia

Georgia has become home to increasingly more film productions, and Classic Tents & Events is proud to serve as the premier tenting partner for the industry. With the largest inventory of tents and film production rentals, we’ve got your cast and crew tents, catering tents, equipment storage, and hair and make-up tents covered. However, in addition to rentals, our team is also happy to assist with permitting needs for filming in Georgia. Keep reading to learn what makes Classic the preferred partner for Atlanta film production!

Film Productions Georgia

With productions spending $4.4 billion in 2022, Georgia is a leading destination in the world for filming. Why? Georgia offers a temperate climate and a wide variety of locations – thousands of which can be accessed through The Georgia Film Office. The state currently has 4 million square feet of stage space. Meanwhile, Classic makes it possible to film at remote locations through customized tented spaces. Our frame tents are a popular option, as they allow more usage of square footage, and are preferable for a long-term set-up. Plus with a fan or heater, everyone will stay comfortable for the duration of filming, year-round.

film production permits in georgia

Georgia Film Permits

Obtaining Atlanta film permits is one of the first steps required if you plan to shoot in Georgia. And while the locations department is responsible for all the permitting needed to film at a specific location, Classic can assist in a number of other ways. Normally a filming permit will include a tent permit, but we can help you pick the perfect tent(s) and tent accessories. Whether you are filming adjacent to a downtown building or in a remote setting! Or if you need accessories, like siding or covered walkways, due to a rainy forecast. Once you have selected the required tenting, we can then create a detailed site plan designed specifically for your needs. As for permitting on our end, we are happy to provide flame certificates when requested.

Film Production Rentals

Once you have secured a tent, you’ll need rentals to keep your crew and actors comfortable, and to help them get the job done! We offer a range of tents and rentals for remote locations, suitable for everything from catering to wardrobe changes, and more. Our warehouse is stocked with director’s chairs that exude professionalism. Lighted make-up mirrors to help make-up artists or hair stylists. And pipe and drape, useful for hiding equipment or assisting with sound and light dampening. Plus, a variety of equipment to assist with filming, including lighting and generators. Just don’t forget to book several restroom trailers to sprinkle throughout the location! Visit our catalog to see our full inventory of rentals, or to quickly request a quote.

film production rentals in georgia

Catering Tents

With a large film production comes a large crew, and that means there are a lot of mouths to feed. In addition to large tents for work, Classic can also create a functional setup for holding and catering, to keep staff comfortable throughout filming. We can provide generators for all equipment, including lighting and cooking apparatus. Whether you need a complete kitchen, stocked with cooktops, ovens, and Stainless Steel Sheetpans for catering staff to whip up fresh food. As well as storage equipment, including hot food cabinets, refrigerators, and freezers, to maintain a safe and well-organized kitchen. Plus, chafing dishes and insulated beverage dispensers for a grab-and-go buffet area.

Need tents and rentals for film production? In addition to permitting needs for filming in Georgia, our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the best tent and tent accessories. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started.