Tent Rental 101: The Difference Between a Pole Tent & Structure Tent

When it comes to choosing the right tent for your event, Classic Tents & Events has got you covered. Experts in the field, we know exactly which tent is right for the location, ground surface, party size, and type of event. To help you understand the differences between two of our most popular tent rentals, we’re sharing an overview of the difference between a pole tent & structure tent.

Pole Tents

One of the most popular tent options, pole tents are simple but beautiful and easy to customize. They are quick and easy to set up on grass or asphalt and come in larger sizes than other tent styles. This is due to the center pole(s) which act as the primary support – hence a pole tent. They must also be staked to the ground. However, the center poles do compromise the square footage under the tent canopy though it’s common for people to decorate them with lights, florals or signage. Pole tents can also be more affordable, depending on the size of your event. These tents tend to have an elegant canopy look, nodding back to the big tops of old and making them a good choice for weddings or other formal affairs.

peak tent for rent

Structure Tents

The primary difference between the pole tent & structure tent is the center pole and staking. Structure tents do not have center poles and do not have to be staked down. This will allow you to maximize the interior space of the tent. And since they do not depend on the ground beneath them for support, structure tents are also better for long-term use. Say a multi-week festival or long-term retail space. As the top of the tent acts as the primary support, structure tents will have a more simple and boxy look. We also have clearspan structure tents with clear ceilings making the tents feel more spacious.

clear frame tent

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