Classic Solution: Create VIP and Green Rooms for High-Profile Events

High-profile events require a touch of exclusivity and luxury to cater to VIP guests and ensure their utmost comfort. One classic solution to achieve this is by creating VIP and green rooms, which offer a secluded and elevated space for special attendees. Whether it be at a music festival, national sporting event, or a high-caliber award show. Keep reading to explore the key elements to consider while designing these exclusive spaces, featuring rentals from Classic Tents & Events.

VIP and Green Rooms: Elevate the Experience

VIP tents serve as the cornerstone for creating an exclusive and luxurious space. These spacious enclosures provide a private and secluded setting where VIP guests can relax and enjoy the event in style – and serve as an upsell for event hosts. Versatile, they can be customized and adapted to suit various event types. As well as unique locations, thanks to our floor-leveling systems. Whether you need a raised tent where attendees can overlook a racetrack or a tent that flies under the radar to ensure the privacy of headlining artists at a music festival. VIP tents provide a flexible space for guests to socialize, unwind, and relish their time away from the crowd.

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Accessories That Ensure Comfort

To create a truly elevated and luxurious VIP experience, it is essential to consider adding accessories that enhance the ambiance and aesthetic appeal. One key element is tent siding, which will not only ensure privacy but keep guests safe and comfortable. And styles such as clear or glass panels can provide a touch of elegance, without obstructing guests’ view. Another aspect is flooring, a simple add-on that will instantly elevate a space, and provide stability on unstable surfaces. Finally, we always recommend climate control! Regardless of the season, air conditioning or heating will allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entirety of the event, from sunup to sundown.

Exclusive Furniture & Add-ons

For a well-rounded high-end experience, it is crucial to pay attention to the furniture and add-ons within your VIP tent. Start with tables and chairs, featuring brightly colored linens. Pipe and drape can be used to customize and elevate plain tent walls or create a unique photo backdrop. If you plan to collaborate with professional catering services, or have a hospitality tent, consider leveling up your serving station. Chafing dishes will keep food warm and create a clean look that will be appreciated by guests! Another simple way to spruce up a VIP area, especially at a large social event, is our luxury restroom trailers. Guests can skip the long lines at the Porta Johns, with access to their own Luxury Restroom Trailer featuring private stalls, running water, and climate control.

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Looking to feature a tent for VIP and Green Rooms at your upcoming event? Our team would be glad to assist you! Get in touch with us today and let’s start planning your best event yet! Or, use our convenient cart feature to quickly request a quote.