Classic Solutions: Tents for Historic Event Venues

Hosting an event at a historic venue often comes with a long list of rules, set for both the safety of guests and that of the property. Understandably, this can be intimidating to hosts looking to rent a tent. How do you meet the goals of the event while adhering to the guidelines set by the venue? Keep reading to learn about our tents for historic event venues in Georgia. Plus, see how the team at Classic can act as your liaison and guide.

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Hosting an Event at a Historic Venue

The first thing you should do prior to booking any event rentals is review the rules and regulations of the historic venue. These are unique to each and every venue, and will guide you on how to create a safe and approved event space. By ignoring these rules, you run the risk of incurring fees. This most often occurs if a tent is placed too close to historic buildings or if they are set up improperly, causing damage to the grounds. Work closely with the staff at the venue, and your team at Classic, to ensure that everyone knows the rules. You can also rest assured knowing that our team has the experience and due diligence to get approval from the venue prior to setting up any tents or rentals!

The Best Types of Tents

Once you’ve gotten the go-ahead to place a tent on the property, you will need to choose a specific tent. Peak tents are a popular choice as they fit the historic vibe, with their elegant swooping canopies. However, frame tents are equally beautiful, especially if you prefer a more luxe or modern look that contrasts the venue. Of course, our ClearSpan tents with clear siding are always stunning if you prefer to showcase the property throughout the duration of your event. Rain or shine, guests will be able to enjoy the surrounding landscape and structures.

clearspan tent

Creating a Rain Plan

At any outdoor event, you need to have a rain plan. But when hosting a wedding at a historic venue, there are additional concerns that come with rain. Namely, how guests will get from the established walkways to a tent placed on a lawn. Even if there isn’t rain this can be an issue. Depending on the guest count, a lawn can be destroyed rather quickly – even faster when it is wet. To prevent this, we recommend investing in roadways and flooring, as well as covering. Our Dura-Trac flooring can be used to provide parking and to create temporary walkways to your tent. Meanwhile tenting will provide coverage to guests moving to and from each of these areas.

Need more help choosing tents for historic event venues? Our team would be glad to assist you! Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or use our cart feature to quickly request a quote!