Georgia Tent Rentals: Tent Leasing for Summer Tent Sales

Summertime in Georgia means summer tent sales! (And what better way to meander through tents than looking at local goods?) With the right setup, rest assured that you can effectively display your wares and provide a stellar shopping experience. No matter if you are hosting an event with a merchandise or display tent or you need a tent for your furniture shop, garden center or car dealership, Classic has you covered! We can also service all your retail locations around the Southeast through our partner network. Keep reading to learn about the must-have rentals for summer tent sales.


With retail tenting set-ups, most commonly clients will opt for a frame tent. These are the swiss army knife of tents, coming in a variety of sizes making them ideal to fit into your event grounds, parking lot or open space near your brick & motor shop. They also have unobstructed space underneath for larger items or retail displays. A pole tent can also be another option, as it creates an iconic ‘circus tent’ look that will have your tent sale standing out from afar. The Atlanta Antique Market opted for a pole tent as showed below. Smaller Marquee Tents or EZ Up Tents are best for vendor tents at fairs and festivals, where each needs their own space to display their wares.

summer tent sales, Classic Tents & Eventsinterior of tent for retail space


Don’t overlook fencing! We stock portal white picket fencing that is ideal for creating a clear boundary around your retail space. This guides where guests can enter and exit as well as helping prevent theft.

Flooring, Fans & Lighting

Tent aside, you want to create a comfortable shopping experience for your guests. Not only to deliver a great impression but so that they are inclined to shop for longer. If you plan to create a long-term set-up, we recommend adding flooring and lighting for a more comfortable shopping experience, day or night. Air conditioning or fans will also be a necessity, depending on your location and weather. We promise, both your guests and staff will appreciate it! Even more so if your product requires you to maintain a certain temperature.

retail tent

Cable Ramps

Corralling all the power cords is a must-have for retailers whose tent needs access to electricity. A cable ramp will minimize tripping hazards and allow you to maintain a handicap-accessible shopping environment. It will also protect the costly cables throughout and around your tent or event space. So save yourself from the tedious process of taping wires to uneven ground!

outdoor retail tent space

Need help determining the best type of tent and accessories? Our team would be glad to assist you in creating a rental package for summer tent sales, short or long-term. We can also service all your retail locations around the Southeast through our partner network. Get in touch with our team today!