Planning A Walkathon Fundraiser: Tips & Tent Needs

If your organization wants to host an event that is fun and effective at raising funds, go with a Walkathon. A great way to bring a community together while encouraging healthy habits, it is also a good way to fundraise for a specific cause or organization. And Classic Tents & Events has the experience to help you host one successfully, having been a part of several, including the American Lung Association and Autism Walk in Atlanta. Keep reading to learn about our must-have rentals for planning a walkathon fundraiser!

Large and Small Tents

Tents are essential for any walkathon, to houses participants, first aid, post-walk celebrations. In addition to helping you pick the right size and number of tents for your event, we can also assist with the layout. Our team is experienced in designing and installing rentals in a way that leads to an event that is as aesthetic as it is functional. Combine it with our heavy-duty Dura-Flooring to make your event grounds easier to travel and improve overall safety. It can be installed in a variety of settings to level the ground for the placement of tents or to protect a lawn from heavy foot traffic. It is also an ideal space for vendors, like food and event sponsors, to set up their wares, fares, or displays.

Command Central & Medical

As the host of an event, you will need a command center! A place for event managers, staff, and volunteers to gather, getting the info they need to keep things running smoothly. It can also house equipment. Our structure tent is solid and secure. Combined with non-see-through tent walls, we can ensure that you will have complete privacy. For first aid or water tents, one or several of our easy-to-install pop-up tents throughout your route are a good option.

event medical tent

Climate Control

Regardless of the season in which you host a fundraiser, Classic has you covered. From soaring temperatures and rain to beyond! We have everything you need to keep your event going. Heaters and fans are key maintain a comfortable environment beneath your tents. Especially in a medical tent or command central with electronics. Our team would be glad to help create a custom solution that caters to your needs and to keep guests safe.

Food Vendors

For an all-day or multi-day event, food and beverages are a must-have. Whether you need tents for food service & vendors or a shady spot for guests to dine, we’ve got you covered. For guests dining, we recommend a simple pole tent combined with fencing. This style of tent will allow plenty of room for people to gather comfortably beneath the shade, while a fence will clearly mark the boundaries of the area. If you plan to have VIP guests, create a private secondary area.

tents for rentevent food tent


Whether you plan to host a speaker or live entertainment, you’ll want to consider staging. Especially if you are expecting to have a large crowd size. Renting staging will ensure that everyone can see and hear your host or speakers and that they are safely separated from the public. If needed, you can combine staging with our crowd control options, from barricades to white fencing. Which can also be used to section off a variety of areas throughout your event space. Including ticketed entryways and the designated walking path!

Need more help planning a walkathon fundraiser? Our team would be glad to assist you! Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or use our cart feature to request a quote! Plus, be sure to visit Coastal Restaurant Equipment Rentals for all of your catering equipment needs.