Rent from Classic: Temporary Structures for Construction Projects

At Classic Tents & Events, we are proud to provide solutions for construction projects! We stock a variety of tents, in a range of styles and sizes, which can be used to create a functional yet flexible space on your job site. Keep reading to learn about our temporary structures for construction projects, from repairs and renovations to equipment storage and environmental remediation.

construction tent set up

Building, Repairs & Refurbishment

When it comes to construction, you need a space that is ready when you are. Temporary construction structures and industrial tents provide protection from a wide variety of challenges that would otherwise put a halt to your construction work. For example, if you plan to pour concrete – rain is a no-go! No matter your industry, our construction tent can help your contractors keep projects on track and organized.

Temporary Storage

Aside from providing and protecting your worksite, our tents also double as temporary storage. Whether you need to store business wares, tools, or keep expensive equipment dry. We can also accommodate large equipment and/or vehicles and would be glad to work with you to ensure that there is sufficient clearance. Along with tents shapes and sizes, we also stock lighting and durable flooring, to keep your crew safe.

Environmental Remediation

In addition to providing tents for building and repairs, we also offer large tents for environmental remediation. For example, clean up or spill work. Our team would be glad to create a custom layout tailored to your unique needs, as well as provide adjustments. We understand that sometimes environmental projects have to change and that you need to be able to adapt to different conditions.

Break Rooms

When your team needs a break, we’ve got you covered! Our temporary structures for construction include break rooms and/or dining areas. We have everything you need to create a clean and relaxing space for your crew to sit back and enjoy a bite to eat. Including durable flooring, lighting, and furniture. Depending on the season during which your project takes place, you’ll also want climate control, such as heaters or A/C.

temporary structure for construction

Need one of our temporary structures for construction? Our team would be glad to assist you in selecting the best tent and accessories for your project. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started. Or use our easy cart feature to request a quote! Need a long-term rental? We offer those too!