Atlanta Party Rentals: Extra Large Tents for Weddings & Galas

Do you need a large tent for a big event? Classic Tents & Events has you covered! For social events like weddings and galas, you need a spacious and stylish tent. One that allows room for everything from a seated dinner to entertainment and maybe even a dance floor. For inspiration, take a look at some of our extra-large tents for weddings and galas! We stock large tents in all of the most popular styles to cater to any and all event requirements, in addition to your personal design preferences.

Large Pole Tents

With one of the most recognizable profiles, our pole tents feature an elegant canopy that is sure to wow. This is due to the placement of poles at the interior of the tent, lending the sweeping peaks you know and love. Pole tents tend to be best for large events and field set-ups, say on a golf course. As they are staked directly into the ground, they can not be installed on concrete or asphalt. An always sophisticated choice, this style of tent looks especially stunning when customized with flooring and lighting.

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Large Structure Tents

structure tent has the largest square footage and high height clearance. In other words, a lot of big things can happen beneath your tent! Since the poles are situated at the border of the tent, you will also enjoy an obstruction-free interior. Perfect if you need to house a large number of tables and chairs; say for a catered dinner. It has a more angular shape making it a popular choice for modern events. Meanwhile, the large square footage allows plenty of room for staging, whether you intend to host speakers or live entertainment.

large frame wedding tent

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Large Frame Tents

Frame tents are the Swiss Army knives of tents! Available in multiple sizes they work well for a variety of events and setups. They have no center poles and do not require stakes, but are held in place with weights. This style is not as tall as a structure tent and the legs are spaced closer together. Therefore, there is more room than a pole tent but less room than a structure tent. A nice in-between, if you will! For a spacious and elegant frame tent, we recommend one of our Gable Navi-Trac Tents.

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Sailcloth Wedding Tents

For those who appreciate understated elegance and the beauty of natural surroundings, sailcloth tents are a captivating choice. While traditional canopy tents are renowned for their striking peaks, sailcloth tents are equally impressive. Crafted from the same durable material used in sailboat sails, these tents exude sophistication while providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. The translucent or sheer white vinyl fabric allows natural light to filter through, casting a soft glow over your festivities. Meanwhile, the open sides allow for a comfortable breeze!

sailcloth tents for weddings atlanta

At Classic Tents & Events our goal is to create a stress-free planning experience and event day. Get in touch with our team for help choosing the best of our large tents for weddings & galas. For additional help, read our blog on what you need to know before you rent a tent!