Why Sparkling Clean Tents and Rentals Matter | Classic Tents & Events

As a longstanding professional in the Georgia event tent rental business, Classic Tents & Events has a clear understanding about what our clients desire. Namely, beautiful items that will help create a positive experience for guests and contribute to the overall success of your event. Today we’re explaining why sparkling clean tents and rentals matter! Plus, learn exactly how Classic Tents & Events can ensure that our tents and rentals will wow your guests.

A Tent Lends to a First Impression

Ever seen a dirty event tent? It certainly doesn’t lend the best first impression! As a guest arriving to an outdoor event space, you’re excited to see what lies in store. And nothing will stop you in your tracks like a dirt-stained and sagging tent canopy or sidewalls. And not only does a dirty tent visually impact your event, but it also offends the senses of your guests. Especially when it comes to smell. A dirty tent left to bake in the sun takes on a less the pleasant smell and can also nod to the previous event hosted beneath it. This is why as a host you need to create a clean and memorable setup – a goal shared by us at team Classic.

clean event tent


Sparkling Clean Tents From Classic

Nobody likes a dirty tent! This is why within our 44,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Norcross GA, we offer services to have your tent washed, dried, and or repaired. Our Teeco Solutions’ Tent Washing Machine is capable of washing over 5000 square feet of vinyl at one time. This helps to maintain the quality and life of each tent. After your tent is washed by experienced and trained personnel, it is properly dried with fans directed at the vinyl to dry it quickly and completely and prevent mildew during storage. Additionally, we have a special tents we reserve for wedding & gala use that are not left out in the elements for months (like our temporary structures). This ensures that you we can provide you with a sparkling clean tent and equipment for those special and milestone events!

At Classic Tents & Events we look forward to providing you with sparkling clean tents and rentals. Get in touch with our team today for assistance securing items for your upcoming event in Georgia. Or visit our previous blog, to learn about our climate-control options that will help you create a more comfortable environment for guests.