Rent or Purchase a Tent? 3 Things to Consider Before you Invest

Prior to making any kind of investment, you need to consider the potential impact of your decision. This includes when it comes down to whether you should rent or purchase a tent. There are several factors that may sway your opinion when deciding between buying a tent or renting a tent. To help you make both a confident decision and the best one, here are three things to consider before you invest!

The Cost of a Tent

One of the first factors people consider is the cost of a tent, whether renting or buying. Unfortunately, this can be quite difficult to compare as the cost of a temporary structure will vary largely depending on the style, size, and location. In general, renting a temporary structure is cheaper than buying one, but only because you are borrowing it for a limited time-frame. While it is pricier to purchase a tent outright, the frequency at which you use it may actually mean it will cost you less than if you were to rent a tent several times. This is what you will want to compare – the time you need the tent – rather than just numbers.

Tent Maintenance

It happens frequently. People purchase a tent for the ease of access, certain they will save in the long run due to frequency of use. Forgetting, however, that the maintenance of the tent nows falls on them. Sure, you can pay to have your event tent cleaned, but it’s not cheap. And should you elect not to pay to have the tent cleaned, the labor required to do so yourself may be the final straw. You will also have to manage tent set-up and tear-down as well as deal with needed adjustments after a storm. Cleaning and maintaining a tent is a lot of work – a job that Classic has industrial machines and crew for (all-inclusive of your rental costs). The best way to come to a decision in this area may be to consider in what way you want to save: money or your physical labor & time.

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Aside from cost, one of the most important factors to consider is the flexibility of renting versus purchasing a tent. For one, when you purchase a tent it is yours. Meaning you can use it whenever you please without having to consider others. Renting, of course, means that you have to factor in availability and be sure to reserve in advance. Second, is the function of the tent itself. If you purchase a tent you will likely get the tent that works for your needs now. But what if those needs change? It is much easier to swap out the size or style of your tent when you rent. And, you are likely going to have to purchase additional accessories that work with that specific tent. This can be an issue as the years go by and accessories become dated or unavailable altogether. Whereas with renting, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of sizes, styles, and accessories. There will never be a question as to what you can achieve with the help of an event tent rental company like Classic Tents & Events.

Need more guidance on if renting a tent is right for you? Our team would love to help! Get in touch today and we’ll help you decide the best strategy for you. For more help, check out our blog on 6 Do’s & Don’ts For You Atlanta Tent Rental.