Georgia Tent Rentals: Disaster Relief Tents & Rentals

In times of disaster, emergency tent rentals can be the difference between life and death. Whether it be a flood, hurricane, fire, or pandemic, temporary structures provide a versatile space with many benefits. They are strong, watertight, easily set up, and affordable! Take a look at disaster relief tents and rentals available through Classic Tents & Events. Plus, learn about our turn-key solutions that allow us to meet your needs at a moment’s notice.

Emergency Relief Shelters

Tents for disaster relief are essential for providing safe and secure housing for those affected by natural disasters, conflicts, or other emergencies. Made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, they are easy to assemble and disassemble quickly. At Classic, we stock oversize tents that can house large numbers of people for an extended period of time, and comfortably. Our inventory includes generators so that in the event of a power outage we can provide lighting and a comfortable controlled climate. Pipes and drapes are perfect for private rooms or designated spaces for the relief crew. While sanitation equipment and restroom trailers will assist with hygiene, decreasing the spread of germs and illnesses.

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Emergency Response Tents

Designed for first responders, medical personnel, and other personnel, emergency response tents are a lifeline. Smaller than emergency relief shelters, these tents can be transported and set up quicker. They often serve as command or triage centers in the aftermath of a disaster. In addition to large tents, Classic also offers EZ-up tents. Significantly smaller, they pop up in minutes, perfect for a triage center or coordination efforts. We can also provide siding, to ensure privacy for emergency response crews or medical professionals and their patients. Equally important, we suggest designated tents for catering to keep staff well-fed and hydrated. Take a look at our food service equipment, perfect for creating a grab-and-go buffet or food service area.

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Rapid Deployment Shelters

Used for housing personnel and life-saving equipment, rapid deployment shelters need to be able to stand up to harsh environmental conditions. They are usually located closest to the disaster site and have a direct role in relief efforts. Our tents come with concrete weights to withstand heavy winds while siding and gutters redirect rain. This makes for a worksite, housing, or temporary storage space that is safe, comfortable, and dry. We can also install climate control, to ensure the safe storage of temperature-sensitive products or equipment, as well as people. Outside of disaster relief tents, we can create covered walkways or roadways using heavy-duty flooring. This will keep crew and vehicles from getting stuck in the mud, preventing injury and costly damages.

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Don’t wait, plan ahead and take a look at our inventory of disaster relief tents and rentals. If you need additional assistance or a tailored solution, a member of our team would be glad to assist you. Get in touch today to get started, or use our cart feature and request a quote. Need tenting for a different reason? Check out the other reasons that one might rent a tent!