Georgia Tent Rentals: Health Screening Tents

When you need creative and professional solutions that will increase your capacity, we’ve got you covered. Classic Tents & Events is here to help our healthcare providers offer clean and organized spaces to conduct annual health screenings and vaccines. Learn about our in-stock rentals that can be used to set up safe and efficient health screening tents throughout the greater Georgia area.

Temporary Tents for Health Screening

A temporary structure is a popular choice for institutions that want to offer preventative health screenings, as well as administer annual and seasonal vaccines. Our temporary tents are a great way to expand your clinic or pharmacy space, short or long term. Our tents and any necessary accessories can be set up to accommodate your needs in the space provided. And with flexible long-term leasing, you’ll be able to serve patients safely and comfortably for as long as is necessary.

temporary tent

Climate Control

In addition to providing sparkling clean tents, we also offer insulated tents and climate control. So that no matter what time of year you are working, both your staff and patients will be comfortable. Weatherproof tenting will ensure that people, as well as your expensive medical equipment, stays dry. You might also consider tent accessories, such as rain gutters, to direct water away from the side of your building! Meanwhile, A/C or heating can be set up, to help combat extreme temperatures.

Expand Your Pharmacy Space

If you’re working within a limited space, a tent can assist you in several ways. First, shift a limited number of services into a temporary tent. We are glad to install Dura-Trac flooring to create a level space, to keep guests safe and easily move wheeled equipment. We also recommend pipe & drape, which can be used to create privacy draping. Or, expand your space with a covered walkway so that people are not lined up inside. Barricades can also be used to limit access to your business and maintain an orderly line.

covered walkway tent


To maintain a clean and safe area, trash cans can be placed inside your health screening tents or at intervals along the queue. This will help with the improved disposal of medical waste. And reduce any trash being left onsite by patients. Whether they are needed for patients or employees, sanitation stations are also available to help keep everyone safe and comfortable. They are especially useful for high contact areas, such as entryways and restrooms.

Classic is ready to deliver you a custom solution and rental plan for a temporary health screening tent. Get in touch with our team for a quote, and for help to design a functional layout!